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Badges Trades?

Hello everyone i was wondering if any of you would like to do a art trade? If so then please read ahead there are some things I want you to look at~!

Here are some samples of my badges I do!
There you go! and now on to the smalll little form thing i need you to fill out!

Character Name:
Some Reference Pictures:
Personality: Does your character have a sort of personality?
Some Samples of your work:
Notes: Andything really a certain pose (please be simple i suck at doing complicated poses)

And that is it now for my part here is my form:

Character Name: Nika
Some Reference Pictures: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6990389
Personality: SHe is a "Foxy Superhero" as I call her so yeah she is a Super hero she thinks she is awesome and pretty much everyone else! She also LOVES her red cape and usually swoshes around and is always hold it or touching it in someway to pose for pictures. SHe also love to throw a peace sign out to the camera (and bunny ear people as well). All in all she is a fun Fox to be around and loves to have a good time. But she is also a bit shy sometime when she feels she doesent belong and is silent and just sits and watches.
Some Samples of your work: (all the badges above are done by me)

And there you go! Now info on badges! All badges are all small enough to be shipped in and enveloped what i do is:

I draw them out on sketch pad and then i will send you a pic of it (granted it will be a little messy)
then i will draw it out put it on digital and such
then afterwards I will print it put it on card stock (the card stock can match your character or contrast? its up to you!) and laminate it and a hole for the clip
then when i ship it I will put it in between two pieces of cardboard so it wont get dented or folded.
then I will ship it out simple as that :D

Soo yeah there you go!=D