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Balaclava on balaclava?


Got tea?
I'm gonna make my head on balaclava and just recently it occured to me that if it's a part of the head it might shorten the life of the suit due to disinfecting and being unable to wash it properly. So... should I get another balaclava to wear it under the balaclava that is gonna be the base of the head? Is it even comfortable to wear?


This is a non-sequitur, but "Balaclava" sounds like something that DoodleBob would say. XD


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I have heard it's more comfy to wear a balaclava under suits in general, and I think this would extend the life of things, in terms of cleaning. And I don't think it would be all that much hotter.

Also, when see the word balaclava, I always think of baklava, and get hungry for that tasty dessert!