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Account Problem: ban confusion, email or contact


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My account on Furaffinity is Fockfuxer577, this account is pretty much a haggard war veteran of misplaced bans.

In fact, only a year ago was I chased down by a crowd wielding flames and pitchforks who were on a witch hunt to find some artist (the name eludes me) who was apparently evading bans.

I was banned and treated like a gutter trash criminal for a series of days, maybe even a week until someone stepped in and actually investigated the issue. I was not that artist who was evading a ban, nor did I even have any relation what so ever to them.

Before the issue was resolved, administrators and site posters were all dead-set that I was in fact the terrorist they were seeking. I was unable to do anything but stubbornly bang my head against the tree until some sort of result fell from it.

I'm thinking this situation has once again repeated itself;

I've created no new accounts under any circumstance or time period since the last incident mentioned above, so how can I possibly be 'evading' a ban if I've been unbanned for so long and not made any new accounts?

I'm hoping someone will at the very least look into this, I enjoy using FurAffinity as both some creep who appreciates the porn on it and also as a snazzy dude who talks to my friends through the shout and mail/IM system.

Sorry if this is the wrong board to post this on, but I honestly don't know where else to place an issue like this.


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edit: I've made a new account, but only TODAY so that I may post a shout on Pinkuh and Qmelon's art pages.

Qmelon is the administrator who solved my issue (i think..) in the past, so I'm hoping she will be able to support me in some way this time as well.

Hell, she might have even been the person who banned me in the first place; I don't know.


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I personally believe it to be ridiculous that it's considered criminal to make an account to simply ask what an administrator's belief is for banning you when the small, one sentence explanation is too foggy or poorly looked into to say otherwise.

But if it is the case, then I'm sorry for making 'moderationrocks577'.

I have no idea what the current rules and taboos of this website and its community is, I haven't read them since 06 when I signed up.

I wish I was lying when I said all I do on this site is leave funny comments for my friends and fap to pornography people draw. That's really all I do.

I have no reason to be an internet terrorist here.