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Band or artist of the moment?


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That would be the bands Coheed and Cambria (one band), and Tool. They're probably some of the most intelligent kind of people and music you can get today. It's sad how the mainstream has turned out, really. D:


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I'll go with Artillery. They're an awesome an extremely underrated thrash metal band.


Undead by Hollywood Undead.
Some guy on these forums showed that song to me last night and I love it.

Ooh, they have a song in Rock Band, yeah? They kinda remind me of Chronic Future.

I bought Neko Case's new album and I looove it. Her voice is awesome.


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Handsome Furs :V


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Right now I've been hooked on Viva La Vida by Coldplay since xmas, and I've rediscovered Thirteenth Step by A Perfect Circle.


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I got Children Of Bodom overload, I can't stop listening to them >:3


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Surprisingly, I'm still stuck on The Faceless's Planetary Duality and Martyr's Feeding the Abscess. Cynic and BtBaM are nudging their ways in.

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Right now, can't stop listening to Yes' album "Close to the Edge" (1972)


Pulled between Smashing Pumpkins and Prodigy.
In another week or two, this fixation of mine should clear up. xD;


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At the moment..

Georg Philipp Telemann

Because I got the Tafelmusik 4CD mini-boxset and another seperate CD with his compositions on it.
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