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Banner extension due to downtime?


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Do the people who had banners up during the downtime get expansions on their banner's runtime?

Not only was the site not reachable at all for some time and the banner therefore not displayed, but also watches from several days before were lost due to the 'reset'. If I read that correctly it was 6 days that were lost, which is quite a big part of the month that was paid for. That meant about ~40 watchers and potential clients for me.
I waited with this thread until I got my first Advertiser report after the downtime in case it was already changed, but the one I got today still said June 8 as it said in the original confirmation mail, so no changes.
I think it would be fair towards those who paid for banners to compensate for the downtime by an extension.

Couldn't find anything about this in the forum search, so in case this has already been answered I'd appreciate a link :)



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I got that tweet correctly, right? It means all banners will be online for an additional 10 days (in addition to their paid time)? Just in case I'm misinterpreting something here, English isn't my mother tongue.

Sadly my banner went offline at the original planned date, so no 10 day extension for me. I wrote an email regarding the extension a week ago as well as a reply to the tweet above but haven't gotten an answer yet. I have already sent money for another month of ad time, so I hope the 10 days will just be added to the next month, but as I said, no info yet. Anyone else here with that problem?