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(Other) Selling: Base female $ 15 for now


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you can see the base here
www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Base female $ 15 for now by Aleks_Pakaralex

The basis of the base includes:
  • - 8 Horns
  • - 7 Earpiece
  • - 8 Tailings
  • - 2 Feet
  • - 5 Faces
  • - 7 Hair

details you can see here
www.furaffinity.net: details for the base by Aleks_Pakaralex

– You will receive Female Base Packs in a .PSD file which you can open in Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai.

– Do not distribute this base to other people after purchasing. This is a pay-to-use base.

– You may create/sell adoptables using this base.
However, do not use this base to make any type of commission profit outside of adoptables or customs.

- To this database will later be updated

- Do not erase the signature

- as well as you can edit it a little

that's all, thank you)

OOOOOOoooooh i completely forgot, its price for the first 10 buyers. further will be more expensive *О*