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Based on My Profile, What Would You Say Fursona Would Be?


Hail Satin!!!
So, I'm kind of new to the furry fandom. I always liked creating characters. I always admired the fandom for its creativity and art. I'm finally stepping my feet in the water. Heck, might even make some new online friends.
So, anyway, out of more fun, I was wondering what people would think my fursona would be based on my profile? Thought it would be fun and a good icebreaker so to speak.


Has no idea what life is
I'm getting all the Otter vibes right now
Since you're from Chigago, I keep thinking bears!!!

But yeah, like Tatsuchan18 said, only you can really decide. Just don't rush it if you're not inspired yet. I didn't have a 'sona when I started hanging with furries (I didn't even want one frankly), but after a while everything came together in my head and I created mine. So just give it time! And have funn


Gregarious Gremlin
Definitely don't rush it. I've been a furry for like 5 years plus and I only settled on my fursona quite recently. Don't just take a species that doesn't inspire you, if need be, wait for the answer to come along - eventually you'll find something you can identify.