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Based on the avatar above, what is the poster above like?


Lobie the Cartoonist
probably a really nice lady who tends a flower garden and feeds birds. :D


aka Cutter Cat
Snow and gummy bears (yes, I know that snow doesn't really have a scent)


4-tailed kitsune
male (It's all I have to work with ; p )


TFed Ex-Knight
British accent, high class, far-sighted, esteemed among peers, confident though not exceedingly prideful, knowledgeable about whatever she (I hope that's a she I could be wrong apologies if I am) decides to put her mind to, and possesses a sharp tongue (figuratively).


Explosion loving skooma cat
Cheerful, thoughtful, and frustrated at the world and/or terrible coffee


Shekel collector
Either psychopath, LSD addict, drag queen or all above.
But then again sweet dreams are made of this


Joy Boi
Is probably with 28 werewolf boyfriends.