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Recently joined Furaffinity, and was looking to do some commissions to raise some money for a new tablet!

I'm working on examples after I submit this, but in the mean time I can be found on deviantart:

Looking to do busts and/or fullbody with a simple background or transparent background.

Some general rules:
Payments will be made through Paypal via an invoice.
Payments required 48 hrs after you have approved the sketch, I will not continue until I have received payment.
The commissioned piece may not be used commercially, and do not claim as your own.
I reserve the right to use the commissioned piece as a way to demonstrate my current style/ ability.

I am open to NSFW commissions, but those have their own rules on things I will and won't do. Which I think would be common, but in case they aren't. No bestiality (animal on human or vice versa, nothing too animal like), nothing depicting children or young, etc.

I will do both human, anthro, and animal.

Prices (open for negotiations)

Busts - $10 - 15 USD
Based on complexity

Fullbody - $25 - 30 USD
Based on complexity

(Additional characters are +$5 for busts, and +$10 for full bodies)