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Ow The Edge
I've posted a journal on my FA page about these, but I'll share them here too.

These sketch refs will serve as very basic reference sheets, for anyone who needs a quick ref of their character. I can work off of both visual refs and text descriptions, so long as they are adequately detailed and precise.

Since these are considered a limited special, they do not have their own price sheet or commission tier. Once all the slots are taken I will not open more slots for them.

Here are the basic details regarding the sketch refs I will be offering:

- Base Price is 70.00 USD, this includes two fullbodies and a headshot.

- Additional headshots or fullbody sketches can be added for an extra fee directly related to how much time it takes to complete them.

- These will follow the same terms and conditions as all my other sketch commission types.

These refs are very basic and will have NO:
- text
- detail closeups
- framing
- backgrounds

When they're completed, the style will look like this:




- First come first serve
- Read and respect my TOS before ordering
- No discussing commissions in this thread, use the contact information I have posted in my TOS

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