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Magepunk Fashionisto
Heya guys! I'm a bat furry looking to make some friends!

I'm in a closed relationship with my sweetheart, and I thought it would be nice to give people a heads-up on that! If you need to know anything about my boundaries and preferences, I posted a helpful list not too long ago: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua's VERY IMPORTANT List of Boundaries! by Zehlua

I like non-sexual RP, cartoon movies, botany, and fashion design. I play Furcadia almost every day, and I'm weaving a pretty awesome dream (that is, an RPG of your own creation within the main MMORPG. It involves a bunch of fun coding and pixel art!) When I'm not playing Furcadia, I like to tend my farm in Stardew Valley. I've also been getting back into Petz 5 and Sims 3. Zoo Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon are my all-time favourite games.

My favourite band is Daft Punk, my favourite colour is funky plum, and almost all my favourite foods begin with P. Besides bats, my favourite animals are seahorses!

I love Halloween and Valentine's day a LOT. Christmas is okay; I don't love it or hate it. St. Paddy's day is super underrated.

My room is rainforest themed, minus a giant cardboard cutout of Twilight Sparkle from the My Little Pony Movie (I have no idea how exactly it got there.) I sleep under a giant lily pad leaf blanket. My most cherished stuffed animal is actually a dog toy, and I sometimes have trouble sleeping without him. He is a long, noodley cartoon skull bat named Rezinwald, and he wears a soft pink dress with green pompoms and blue stars.

I enjoy buying art of my fursona, so if you're looking for commissions, hmu!

If you want to RP or join an active RP, also hmu!

Interested in being friends with me? Definitely hmu!


The Empress has Returned
Hello there, fellow batty!!! I hope you enjoy your time on the forums ^w^

Also, OML FURCADIA IS STILL ACTIVE?! Last time I was there it was dead silent and looked completely empty.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Welcome to FAF!


The Confused Little Fennec Fox
Hello Zehlua! I'm new to the forums to! I hope you like it so far! My favorite band is Daft Pink to! Discovery is my favorite album. Interstella 5555 was an amazing movie :D I took a fashion design class in highschool and quite liked it! Sims and Rollercoaster tycoon are two classic, awesome games! Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I thought we shared some interests which is pretty cool! I really like your sona! I hope we can chat some time! ^^