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Bats! I want to look at your bats!

economics bat

Fanged Friend
Bats are the best animal! They have pink little eartips, big pointy teeth, cinnamon bun-shaped snouts, and super stretchy wings! They're the best huggers in the animal kingdom, sleep upside-down and they all love to be scritched behind the ears.

Please post your bat pictures in this thread! (Oh, and vampires are allowed because they're as far as I'm concerned they're just person-shaped bats anyway.)

To get the topic started, here's some art I commissioned of my bat-sona, Nyeogmi! Click to see FA uploads (bigger!) plus detailed artist attribution -- then totally watch and favorite and comment and stuff, because I love attention and you'll get to see even more super cool bat pictures later:

(by pandashk)

(by plaguedaemon)

(by Lepricon)
Here's a bat sona I designed for a friend. He's a sweet little thing.
bat clothed 2.png