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Battlefield Heroes

Hey gamers!
Does anyone play battlefield heroes here?
Ive seen furry groups in that game but not really played whit a fur, i think it would be alot of fun!
Hwo doesnt know what game it is its a funny, cartoonish multiplayer shooting game that u can download and play from here www.battlefieldheroes.com


This game was a ton of fun before they made the shop super expensive, like ten dollars for a permanent weapon.

It's not very good now but I like to beat enemy player kiddies who then complain that I'm hacking because "I GOTS PREMIMUM STOOF"

Anyone else play?


Watch out for snakes!
I got into the closed beta for it and thought it was pretty interesting. The prospect of it being 75% cash items now turns me off, though, especially with what little else it really has to offer. The gameplay was fun, but when I went back to it after release it still felt kind of not done.


Meh this game kinda isnt good. ._.

Its geared to casual gamers though there is another f2p game called Battle field play 4 free. Currently its in closed beta (Im testing it actully) and so far its faithful to the fps style of bf. Just take away some major key elements like squads and class changing.


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I played it for a few hours in beta. Then I uninstalled it.

I do play battlefield: bad company 2, though. Same company, right?


Yes. Same company. They just attempted the F2P market and didn't do so well.
I liked the beta, but when it went live it turned into a cash game.