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The Spirit Guardian

Brother Of Ori
Salutations to you all! So, I've been having this idea floating around in my head for quite some time now, and I've been hesitant to post it until I worked out the major points and all that. Seeing as I've finally conjured up an adequate idea, I decided to post it here, mainly to see what kind of attention it'll bring!

So, first thing's first. The description!

So this RP that I've had would most likely take place in a modernized setting, though before technology became as advanced as it is. Possibly around a time where it was being refined, so a pretty straightforward setting. In terms of location, I had it planned to take place near large kingdoms, the ones that still cling to the loose ways of the past, ex. monarchies, absolute power of the royals, etc. The main point of this is that it revolves around an assassin, a feline by the name of Havoc, master of disguise and stealth, dweller of the shadows, bane of the royals.

The main point of this was to emphasize stealth, sneaky take-downs, and possibly even a gripping story to go with it! I've got the whole story worked out, so if you ever see this an interesting, feel free to message me about it, or just comment below.

The gist to this was that there's powers involved as well, though small and not major in the impact. The abilities can be minor ones, such as small control over lightning, brief episodes of heightened speed, senses, and stamina, or something better, like a periodic glimpse into seeing through rooms.

Now, as for characters!

In that department, there was several options you can choose from. You can either be a Guard of the Royals, an elite, highly trained warrior who was been warned heretofore about the assassin's attempts, and they have complete mastery over their abilities. You can choose what ability you would like, as long as it isn't game breaking, or all round Mary Sue style. We're keeping things balanced, respective to a more modern approach, and an overall realistic viewpoint of a modern day tactic, yet still loosely revolving around surreal factor.

Stuff like portals, fire, ice, lightning, enhanced sight, strength, speed, stamina, manipulation over shadows, etc can be used, though as long as it is an the realistic scale, and nothing that'll make it seem unreal to counter.

Furthermore, you could also be an assassin yourself, or even one of the Royals! Of course, you'd need to ensure you at least have a decent background, and give a reason as to how you became a royal, and why. As for an assassin, just don't be too overpowered. Royals are meant to be the big cheese, the folk you see as the final boss, so they are truly the powerhouse. You can be a Guard of the Royals, assassin, the actual royal, recon specialist, assassin head, (the leader of the assassin ring), or a mercenary, someone who can be called on the assassins to take them out, if they prove a hindrance to their overall agenda. Or simple because they get paid to do so.

I've got a plot in store, if anyone finds relative interest! Weapons however, I forgot to address that! Swords, knives, axes, spears, naginatas, bows and arrows, small firearms, rifles, and snipers are fine. Nothing crazy, like an HMG or LMG. Keep your arsenal light, concealable, and lethal, and you can use non-lethal weapons too, like staffs or blunt weaponry. All within agreeable boundaries.

Okie dokie then, I'll wrap it up there! If anyone finds this remotely interesting, then do message! Things can be SFW or NSFW, and can be on either Discord of the Forum notes. Though, if you want things to be NSFW, then you'll need to be eighteen or up to do so. And the minimum for detail length is around three sentences, at the very least. Not all folks will tolerate one-liners, since that can often steal from the immersion.