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(Be honest) Do you hate my fursonas?

I assume many people hate my fursonas because they’re not interesting since they have no development and bland/cookie cutter personalities! Is there any way I can improve these characters development-wise?

The 2 characters in the pictures are my fursonas


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I don't think anyone hates them. Don't fret about anything.

You don't need to improve anything you're happy with. The only person you need to please is you.


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Hate is a strong feeling. At worst people will act indifferent to designs they don't like. But like others have said, you make your characters for yourself, so make them whatever you wish to

Baron Tredegar

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I think they look adorable.
Actually, I like them more than I usually tend to like fursonas. A lot tend to be unrealistically colored with neon blues and such, which, there's nothing wrong with. But natural colors tend to be my cup of tea.

The artstyle is eye-catching too. I like it. It stands out among others I've seen. I think they are cute. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself :3


A fox named Ridley
The designs are nice

I don't think having a distinct personality is necessary for a good fursona, since the role of a fursona varies. For some people, a fursona is a distinct character with their own personality and lore. For others, a fursona is a personal avatar used for interacting with other furries, or is an extension of the person. In that case, the fursona does not have a separate personality. For many others, it's somewhere in between.
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Nexus Cabler

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I actually love them, for several reasons.

The body shape and expressions are very cuddly looking and has a more friendly cartoonish look and not seeming so overfocused on realism. It's pleasing.

The clothing choice is experimental, and I like that. It reminds me of how I used to dress in early high school.

They both look like very chill and down to earth people, just happy to be at the party. I prefer people like this, as they are easy to get along with and form friendships with.


Snake awakens
We can't advise you on character development here because we have no details to go off of. The designs by themselves are appealing enough, though they blend into that 'cutesy softboi' archetype for me.

What do you think the failing is here?
We can't advise you on character development here because we have no details to go off of. The designs by themselves are appealing enough, though they blend into that 'cutesy softboi' archetype for me.

What do you think the failing is here?
Is there any way I can get rid of my fursonas’ stereotype?


Snake awakens
Is there any way I can get rid of my fursonas’ stereotype?
I don't think so?
I mean it might just be me. I feel like I see that kind of soft cutesy style a lot. It does look good here! But personally I find the designs common. The hyena is the (good) standout between them, imo.


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I wouldn't stress about defeating the stereotype. People are gonna have their opinions regardless. <XD
Just make sure they stay true to their personality!


What makes them not interesting?
Like what other people have already said, I seriously doubt there's anyone that hates your fursonas.
The style is kind of simplistic, but that's not necessarily bad (unless that's not what you're going for). It doesn't look bad. I'd say that if you think anyone doesn't think they're interesting, it's probably because of this, and that's just an opinion.

Also, any stereotypes that are "portrayed" in the fursonas are just based on individual people's stereotypes, so you can't eliminate all of them.

What matters most of all, imo, is that you like your fursonas. If you want to convey a little bit more about your personality, go ahead and change some things around. You won't get hate for that. But if you think you need to because of other people, maybe think about if you really want to do that.


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I don’t see why anyone would hate them. Honestly most people don’t care. Unless you’re a super popular user/figure nobody really pays attention to you nor your characters. I don’t mean this to be rude but it’s just kind of how it is. Some people will like your designs and some won’t — such is life.

Anyways, I think the designs look fine. They’re completely normal designs and there’s no reason anybody would hate them aside from personal preferences.


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Hating on someone else's character is like hating on someone else's hobbies/interests. It's meaningless as well as a waste of time and energy.

But lets say for the sake of argument someone out there DOES hate your characters. And? Does it matter? Should the opinion(s) of some random dumbass on the internet matter to you? Why are you letting this one person's opinion matter let alone affect you?


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What makes them not interesting?
Well, I for my part have not that much interest in fursonas on 2 legs/ Anthros or however you call them, with hobbies like a human etc. But that's my personal opinion and doesn't mean that they wouldn't be interesting for someone else nor does it mean that you can't love them anyways. They're yours and as I mentioned before: You shouldn't mind about if someone dislikes them as long as you love them


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I think they are cute.


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I love them you have a really good art style have a great night