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Sketchbook: Beaknose/Emperoar Art


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These are all so amazing. If you ever author and illustrate a comic, I'm more than willing to be your first buyer!


Ow The Edge
A bunch of sketches of my character, Primus.


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I recently picked up Clips Studio Paint EX to replace the Photoshop Elements 9 that I usually work with. So far its not a bad program but I need more time learning it before I scrap PSE entirely. These are a few test paintings to let me play with the brushes a bit.



4-tailed kitsune
PRETTTTTY : ) I love that kind of stuff ^_^


Ow The Edge
How do these concepts come to you? Do you need to think a lot about them, do they come when you're in a certain mood?
I think a bit on them, since a lot of these are characters that I have in mind for a story I sort of think about what sorts of situations I want to see them in that align with their traits, this includes the monstery characters, they are my OCs. If you mean the designs of the OCs themselves, I sort of take a familiar concept and just warp it until I get it someplace where I like. Like a game of telephone but with more planning.