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Beast Hunting (RP)


The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
(magic and weapons are allowed)

(My characters: Dearg, Giresse, and the newest addition to my roster Sera Skinhunter)


It's 7 pm, Dearg is sitting in his lab working on something. The phone rings......

Dearg: Hello?

Sera: Dearg? hey it's me, your step sister, Sera?

Dearg: Ah yes, how are you?

Sera: I'm good, hey I was wondering if you and couple other people would like to go on a trip with me?

Dearg(raises eyebrow): what kind of trip? She explains that she is going on a hunting trip to the wild lands, a place where not many people return from. But the game is rumored to be is plentiful. But not just any game, Beast. Beast of of all sorts and sizes.

Dearg: I don't know, sounds kind of dangerous, and I just retired my weaponry recently.

Sera: Oh come on you big grumpy ball of fur, it will be fun ^_^

Dearg:......can I drag my nephew along? and I'm not grumpy >=I

Sera: sure!

Dearg: deal!

Sera: cool I'll come over to meet you in the morning, and who ever else you decide to invite, the more the merrier. She hangs up.

Dearg: hmm, who else do I want to take with me?...... He contemplates to himself.


Jin is currently napping in his bedroom in his castle when he hears his phone ringing, and frowns, with a sigh.

Ringtone :

- Ugh... what now... can't an Emperor have a bit of a nap in his own kingdom... what even--

He grabs the phone and looks at the screen, then another growl, and turns it on.

- Oi ! What ?... Monster hunting ?... Uh huh, and you want me to come along ?... Kaaay ?... What, you're dragging your nephew with you too ?... Sure, sure, fine... so, where and when do we meet up ?... Kaaay, lemme just set up the alarm then... uh huh... yeah yeah, got it. I'm off.

He hangs up and collapses on the bed again, and grabs his kangaroo plushy.

"You're gonna have a really bad time watching me wrecking those beasts, dear Dearg... you'll see my
Jin excels at opening up black holes for both offensive and defensive combat style, and he always ends up giving his enemies a really bad time trying to either get close to him or away from him in the process. He can also control the wind to reinforce his destructive capability or aid his teammates.

+ Lord of Swords : Jin can shoot out metallic blades (silver in color and unbreakable) to attack enemies and block their attacks (physical only) from all direction using "Blade Black Hole". However, he can only do so within his sight (as in, only in front of him). His mastery over this technique has led to him being able to sends out blades instantly, wherever and whenever he wants, to slice, thrust, stab and pierce his enemies as he wants. He can send the blades with such force that can break through buildings in just a few hits. He can also pull up blades from below the ground while staying completely motionless to catch his enemies off-guard.

+ Tyrant of Chains : Same as his skills over the blades, but this time he uses the exclusive "Chain Black Hole" that only he can pull off. With the chains, he can also whip the chains across entire battlefield by flicking his fingers or waving his hands about, or snatch his enemies and fling them away.

+ Astral Assaulter : This type of black hole, named "Ward Black Hole", has a white outline. It allows Jin to defend himself by completely absorbing non-physical attacks (from a flamethrower, for example). The attack will instead "charge" the black hole up, until there's a white cross at the center. At this point, Jin can "punch" it from behind to blast out a massive energy-based beam named "Nanovatomic Blast" (Nano + Nova + Atomic), which causes a violent nuclear-like explosion on impact. The blast of a fully-charged black hole is much more dangerous than the chain/blade-summoning attacks.

+ Heart of The Wind : Jin has full control over element Wind, and is just as destructive and skilled as he is with his Blade/Chain Black Hole, if not even deadlier. Unlike his attacks with black holes, which have to be within his sight, he can sends out Air Blades, in form of crescent-like waves, everywhere he wants. The mere air pressure can slice through metals like sharp knives cutting through hot butter. In addition, he can sense the life-force of all living beings around him using the wind, allowing for more accurate attacks with his Air Blades.
soon enough..."

He then falls asleep again.
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The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
morning breaks, Dearg walks over to Giresse's bedroom, and wakes him up

- Get up and get your stuff packed! we are going on a trip with my step sister.

Giresse: *squeak* what?....Your step sister? but I don't want to. The last time she hugged me, she almost broke my spine. Let me go back to sleep.

- don't make me shrink you again.... >=I, besides you can sleep when we get to camp. Jin and Sera are coming any minute. There's breakfast waiting downstairs. I guess I'll just have to let Sera and Jin eat all of it.

Giresse quickly gets up and packs. He then proceeds to head down stairs.

- ha! you'll do anything for a bite to eat. X3

meanwhile outside Deargs house: Sera is coming up on the road, she then bumps into someone......


While walking down the street, Sera bumps into someone and knocks him over.

- Oof !

A loud thud can be heard right after sounds of metals clashing on the ground, echoing through the area and get a bit of attention from the people around, until it can be seen that she has ran into what looks like a white-fur kangaroo. However, when the kangaroo stands back up, Sera immediately sees where the sounds of metals come from.
Beneath the kangaroo's feet is a long-bladed katana-like sword made of silver, and on his back is literally a pair of wings made of blades, silver-white and black in color.

- Ouch...

He slowly walks to Sera and offers him his hand :

- Sorry... You OK ?


The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
She grabs his hand and gets back up

Sera: yeah! you just surprised me. Oh cool, you must be Jin, Dearg has told me a lot about you. They walk up to his front door and knock.....

Dearg: come in, he opens the door, Jin!* gives hug* how are you?

Sera: Dearg! it's good to see you, so are we almost ready?

Dearg: almost,...boy come in here and say hello.

Sera: awww, ^-^ why hello little guy. She gives him a hug, almost crushing him. I just love mice, soo fluffy. I remember when your just a small one.

Giresse: it's.....nice...to see you...too. gasp!


Jin hugs Dearg tight, wagging his tail and twitching his ears happily... and playfully growling in between :

- I'm all good, yeah, even when you woke me up in the middle of my nap ! When I was trying to rest my head in my own throne room !

Jin hugging Dearg is pretty much the same as Sera hugging/crushing Giresse, until Jin hears a quiet and low-pitched bark from Dearg about letting him go.

- Oh, fiiiiine...

He then shifts his gaze to Giresse, and before the mouse has a chance to "escape", he's already within Jin's arms :

- Haaaaaiiiii, lil' fella !

Giresse feels like the bones in his rib cage is on a panic evacuation, one by one, until Jin lets him go too.


The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
They eat breakfast and head out on the road, Sera points on the map to where they need to go.

Sera: we'll be stopping in the nearest town for any last min supplies, but after that, it's all wild lands from here on out.

They start walking,

Giresse: we have to walk?

Dearg: shush boy, it's only 5 miles, piece of cake.

Giresse: :(

They reach the town before the sun breaks over the horizon,

- so where are we going to buy our stuff?

Sera: Over there at the market. Lets just make sure that we have enough....*bump*HEY!

????: excuse me! sucker

a pickpocket runs by and steals her money.

Sera: Give that back you thief, she pulls out her mace and battle axe. and chases the thief into the alley.


Jin gets startled at Sera chasing after the thief, but even more startled at her wielding an axe and a mace like some sort of gladiator.

- Oh dear...

However, he still turns to Dearg :

- Be right back.

Jin then flaps his wings and lifts himself off the ground, then gives chase with Sera after the thief. As soon as he catches the thief on sight from above, he dives down and get in the thief's way. He flicks his hands : multiple silver blades start to appear in front of them as he glares at the thief :

- Mind if I cut in ?



The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
Sera: not at all,, she summons a chain that holds the thief. and mist teleports behind Jin.

Sera: He's all yours my friend.

????: oh no..............


Herbivoraceous Musician
(Considering to join :D
But IRL is hindering me to have a smooth RP flow)


Sera: not at all,, she summons a chain that holds the thief. and mist teleports behind Jin.

Sera: He's all yours my friend.

????: oh no..............
Jin raises his eyebrow in slight shock as Sera summoned a chain to hold the thief. For a second, he almost thinks she's somehow part Void-Walker, due to him having never seen anyone being able to do so, aside his kind, for all these 20000+ years walking the lands of the mundane world and the underworld. He lets out a smirk, but it's unclear whether it's a sign of his friendliness or his dominant stance. His tone of voice sounds casual, but it wouldn't be hard to wonder if he's feeling OK or not at the moment.

- NICE...

He then slowly walks to the thief and starts growling in an aggressive and murderous manner :

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Sounds of trash cans banging together can be heard from the alley, until a while later, Jin and Sera can be seen walking out of there, with the money back. The thief is expected to have been thrown into a trash can at this point, after being beaten up.
Jin is holding the chain that Sera summoned earlier, now in two pieces :

- Just one hit and it snapped into two... not good at all.

He then snaps his finger and pulls down a hooked chain from a black hole that opens above him, which appears fo be 3 times bigger than Sera's chain :

- You'll need something like this.

The chain Jin pulls down appears to be made of pure silver, but also very hard and durable, up to the point that one might think it's unbreakable.


The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
On their way out of the alley she explains her power:

- I am a Revenant. Revenants can channel something called the Mists to invoke the powers of certain figures of the past. Meaning i can essentially pool abilities from people who died. Which explains the chain. They go back to meet up with Dearg

Dearg: is everything alright?

Sera: yep ^_^ , lets finish things here and move on.

They buy extra food, traps and camping gear, and head out.

Sera: woo that was a bit pricey :p, but it's worth it.

Giresse: I hope we get there soon.

They make their way out towards a forest of unimaginable size.

Sera: Camp is just this way, or is it this way? :p Dearg, hun? Could you use one of your tools to help me navigate?

Dearg: sure. He pulls something out of his bag to help her orientate their position and then he points towards their destination. They start walking....


I am a Revenant. Revenants can channel something called the Mists to invoke the powers of certain figures of the past. Meaning i can essentially pool abilities from people who died. Which explains the chain.
Jin looks at her in more confusion. If he understands her correctly, she means that she can pull off certain abilities of certain people that died before... and if she could summon a chain, it might mean the chain-summoning ability once belonged to someone else besides him as well. He nods :

- Mmmm... that should come in handy.

They make their way into the forest, following Dearg's direction.
A smooth breeze blows through the area.
As soon as they walk in, they see Jin's eye flashes white. Then, not very far from them, they hear some sort of sharp metals violently piercing into the trees and something else harder, followed by what sounds like a dragon roaring in pain, before the roar dies away shortly later. Jin growls :

- Got'cha.

He then points his paw at the direction of the roar as he looks at his group :

- You three just go ahead. I got some meat to gather, 'cuz what we bought earlier won't be enough.

He then flaps his wings and lifts himself off the ground, up into the sky, and flies off towards the direction.


The dumbest deer that ever did dumb
- Right, camp is just beyond this ridge....Sera, Dearg and Giresse enter a small open forest grove. There is a river to their left and a flat space to put their tents.

Sera: Alright! lets set up here, She turns towards Giresse, and grins. OK! Giresse, help us set up camp. Let' s go move it.

Giresse: me?

Sera: why, yes fuzzy butt, if we don't, we freeze. The Wild Lands are very cold at night. And I would like to sleep comfortably this evening.

Dearg: I did teach you how to do this. You can do it.

Sera: splendid! Dearg follow me, and lets scout the area for a little bit. Giresse watch your self while were gone, and NO EATING THE FOOD UNTIL WE GET BACK! kay bye bye ^-^

Giresse: geez and I thought my uncle was grumpy!

- I heard that, and i'm not grumpy! They walk out of camp!

There is movement the bushes, Giresse lets out a nervous squeak.

Giresse: wh h h who's there? I"m armed don't come any closer....