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Eeriee the Wendigo
Seriously read all of it this weekend. Haven't watched the anime yet though. Anyone else read it?


I personally really enjoy Beastars.
Someone who I lowkey made into a furry had recommended me to watch it, and so I was up the rest of that night watching it all and I really do like the concept and how they use 3D models! I haven't read it because I'm more of a watcher than a reader! I highly recommended it to those who want something entertaining to watch!


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Just finished reading it. Or rather caught up to the current chapter. By far one of my favorite manga/anime. Amazing what they're doing with the anime being 3D animation with what I think may be motion capture? More fluid movements and facial expressions than any anime I've seen, and the manga is just superb, although I think it kinda jumped the shark with the whale thing and the moths thing...

Have a funny


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Season 2 confirmed!!! <3


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I finally took some time to see what the fuss was about a couple of weeks ago. Watched a few clips and read-up on the series. Needless to say, I now want to own it all.


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From what I've seen. Everything almost has a game cutscene feel


Resident Stone Age Fox
From what I've seen. Everything almost has a game cutscene feel

The animation I’ve seen in the anime clips looks really smooth. Don’t know if that’s what you were getting at.


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I've also read all of it, even the author's previous manga before Beastars, The Beast Complex, which is a collection of short stories set in the Beastars universe. I wonder how Louis will introduce Legosi to his cellmates back in the livestock prison now that both of them unexpectedly fell into their prison cell.


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We watched the anime and enjoyed it, haven't read the manga yet. Now I'm anxiously awaiting for season 2 to find out what happens.
It's just too bad so many cats are portrayed as evil, that's one stereotype I'm really tired of. Well, that and the "cats hate water" one (though the latter wasn't really explored here, but the former was with an entire gang of lion hit men.)


Haven't seen the anime but I started reading the manga a couple of months ago. It is pretty good ngl, the characters are really good and likable despite some of them being kinda insufferable, the world is pretty interesting as well, they didn't ignore questions like "What do predators eat?" like some other shows do.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes romance stuff and drama


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I almost never watch netflix but I was up last night trying to hang out with my brother. When we couldn't find any good-looking stand-up we hadn't already seen, I noticed Beastars. I'd seen the intro for it a long time ago and it looked really.. really weird, but also potentially good so I started it up. The only reason I was willing to give it a shot was... animal characters. I have a lot of trouble getting into much in terms of stories. So many let-downs in the past and I hate wasting my time.

Fast forward about 4 hours. I watched the entire first season, 4-5 episodes of which I was alone in my room after my brother went to sleep. I was glued. And honestly, one of the best parts was the fact that I didn't feel empty and unsatisfied after it ended. This show had me high.

I just bought the first volume of the manga and I think every month I'll buy another until I have the full set.

I've wanted to draw comics and write stories but could never get myself to do it. Now I really want to.. because this story was so captivating despite the occasional hint of unbearable cheese. Beastars is actually the reason I'm here on the FA forums now. I'm looking for more great stories because now I know they've gotta be out there.


I have not read the manga, but I have watched the anime. I enjoyed the anime and I thought the worldbuilding and art style were cool.


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I loved reading the manga so much!


I may be mad but I'm perfectly good at it.
It's part of the reason I chose a rabbit as a new fursona.

I can relate to Haru. She's so isolated.

Weird thing is, I am not into sex, but in other regards I feel her pain.