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Becoming social


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Hello all,

I am admittedly new to socializing among the fandom and just in general these days. Used to have a number of friends but then fell into one hell of a hole.

Now I am hoping to branch out finally and make myself better, so consider this a second introduction but more to the point I have a question.

Of all the apps and what have yous out there now what seems to be the best way to just chat with some folks? Thanks in advance.


I only really 'chat' on discord. But it can take some time to find a community you like (it might also not; I have no idea what you're looking for) due to the somewhat decentralized ways you have to find them. Often the ones that are easiest to find aren't all that interesting despite—maybe because of—the high populations.

Mind you they did add a server search function. It seems entirely useless and has never returned a single result for anything I've searched for, but it's there.


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Okay. Seems to be the synonymous answer, I appreciate the response. I'm sure I will run into something eventually.

Thanks again.


Rara for short :)
Not sure for chats (though I made a few friends here), but irl you can look up local activities and clubs that interest you and participate in these


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Hey there fellow Michigan fur! Sent a PM but I think you'll have some luck finding meets/local furs to talk to via Telegram (similar to Discord)...am also just recently back myself.

Hope we both have some luck!


Eww, becoming social? Isn't it that, what people do when they meet other people irl? yeuch :V
One day I should try that, seems fun
oh wait, this isn't a dream, it's reality, good old, harsh and filthy reality, no thanks then


I wanted to become a bit more social amongst other Artists here in FA. Ive been looking for an already exsisting thread so that i wouldent make another. I basicly want to branch out to everyone and anyone who wants to have a sit down. talk and just do art stuff if anyone is intrested.

you can hit me up on my Discord Synistar#3789