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Becoming your fursona


Fundamentalist Heretic
Just FWIW, y'all, RheganEmpathyHealer identifies as female in her profile.

(Also, she only joined this forum a week ago, so make of that what you will.)
Yeah I saw that she joined only a week ago, which is why I'm not convinced her motives were anything more than trolling. I didn't see that she identifies as female. Whoops!


Emerian Lore Master
Can't acknowledge it if you never address it. Bringing awareness to ones own behavior is a huge part of that positive change.
That is true, but I've found that most of the time people become defensive if you approach them with accusation. Calling people "assholes" isn't going to get them to change, it'll just cause them to dig in and spit back.

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
randomly becomes my fursona one day.

hey this is pretty neat OH NO EMOTIONAL TRAUMA!