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I lurk the internet. I found FA. Next thing you know, i'm bored. oh yeah, and i got a hobby.


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Was somewhat informed of it on Gaia when I was 13, was in the Sonic (specifically Sonic Paradox) fandom and found FA art and fursuiting videos when I was 14, and decided to join FAF then FA when I was 15.

Were you asking for something exciting?

Yes, it was done by kitty0706, called Moments With Heavy: Heavy has his christmas feast. Its near the end of the video.
You know, Kitty/Elliot/Colin/fagola had a FA until he abandoned all his art accounts completely.
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Although I've already seen one of these:

I started lurking around DA looking for a good online avatar to represent me, or other really cool looking art. I always kind of came back to the anthro section, because I like anthropomorphism quite a bit, and eventually I searched for "Red-Tailed Hawk" and ran across this guy. I told my roommate about my recent activities in passing, like I tend to because we both lurk different parts of the internet, you know passing news back and forth. He said something along the lines of "That sounds like a furry to me," and so I did some research, moped about for the better part of a week confused as hell, and decided that it would make an interesting hobby.

Long story short: I decided to be one. >.>


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Oh hell why not.

I'e always loved the idea of turning into animals since I was small so when I got internet access I stumbled onto this defunct story archive. I read, enjoyed immensely and things evolved from there.


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Don't think I've.everbposted.in one of these.

Became.furry via roleplaying as a werewolf and my polish buddy finally was like "just be furry and get it over with!"


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Well, i liked bull porn and i found some and i found the furry fandom No I cannot remember how i found out either


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Over a decade ago I stumbled across an online chat where some furries were discussing different anthro-animal books they have found/read. I ended up following one of them to their gallery and associated myself as a furry ever since.


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Eh might as well. I used to LARP (Live action roleplay for those who don't know) and as I recall I chose to be a hedgehog at the time (I was way into Sonic games back then). Since then I've delved into why I chose it and eventually came to the conclusion that deep down I like mostly everything ('Tis why I prefer Shapeshifter as my chosen fursona). And I found out about this place through a friend who showed me and I became interested in the place (But that's another tale for another thread).

Case in point: I was a LARPer and the character I chose got me on this path.


can you even remeber HOW you became a furry?
I can't XD

I just suddenly started liking the stuff around 13 years olds =P

anyone else have a clearer vission of it?

*sighs* Im afraid i was /b/aptised into it.


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Through...actually, I have no idea how I got into it. But I really only started participating in the fandom after reading stuff on Shifti. (And by participating, I mean reading crap and drawing mediocre art.)


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I've been into stuff that's sort of furry-ish as long as I can remember. Then, I started reading TF stories and later I started following some of the furry artists on DA and started following some furry and semi-furry webcomics. Then I was forced off DA, wandered the internet for a while. Then it become official when I joined FA.