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Before CSI, before MTV, and before all of the magazine articles....


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.....There was The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart.

So a bit of backstory: Back around the turn of the millennium, when Jon Stewart was in his early tenure as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, they did a segment on the LGBT Sci-fi convention Gaylaxicon in the year 2000. Featuring Steve Carrell (back when he was one of the show's "correspondents"), where he speaks with the organizers, some of the attendees, and takes part in some SF forums.

Then around the 2:25 mark, he utters the question: "You're telling me that if I look at one of these I'm going to be seeing imaginary animals having sex?"

Then, the man he is speaking to utters the phrase: "Anthropomorphic Erotica".

And then, the cover was ripped off forever. Before CSI had it's furry episode, before MTV had their sensationalist special on the community, and before all of the articles in Vanity Fair and other publications...the Daily Show did it first. And completely by accident. :rolleyes: