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Beginner fursuit trades?


New Member
First things first, I am not a professional maker, I am very much a beginner, but I’d like to do a trade with someone, so I’m looking for other beginners to trade with, preferably in the USA, for cheaper shipping costs, here is somewhat what I’m looking for in trades

1. A more beginner maker.

2. A simple character to make, like one or two colors, simple or no hair, no complicated markings, stuff like that, I will do the same with my character.

3. Nobody that will rush me, I won’t rush you either.

4. We pay for the head we made for shipping and materials.

5. Someone who’s okay with me making it on a base, you can do the same if you’d like.

Also a few notes

I have a dog and two cats, the cat isn’t able to come into my room, but the dog can, so the suit may not be safe for someone with allergies, I don’t have any, so you don’t need to worry about that on my part.

I would prefer to only trade a head, but I can also try to make hand paws and a tail, if you want to do a mini partial trade.

There most likely will be some beginner mistakes, but I will try to use the highest quality materials and would happily link them to you, if you want.

I don’t have any finished fursuits that are accurate to my style at the moment, but i can show you some of my previous works if needed.

We should both be giving wips when needed, or after the suit has been updated significantly.

I will need a proper ref to make the suit successfully, at lease three angles, I will be making one for my character right after I finish typing this.

I will need your head measurements to make the head, I will give you mine if needed.

Sorry if it takes extra long, I like adding a lot of little goodies to the box.

I don’t mind how beginner you are, just please use high quality materials, I can link what I use if you need it.

Thank you so so much for reading through this, sorry about it being so long, message me on discord (DarkTimes#7555) or comment on here if you’re interested.