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Beginner Fursuiter Offering Lower-Price Fursuits


Spiral here, offering low cost fursuits.

Recently I finished my first 'suit so I don't have much of a portfolio right now, unfortunately. :( But with your help I'd love to build it up and improve my skills as a fursuiter!

My only completed piece is a partial 'suit, pictured below, but I'm more than happy to make a fullsuit. I've been sewing for about 4 years now, so I can guarantee anything that I make will be crafted with the highest quality I know.


Say hi, Spiral!

The total base price for a partial suit is a loose $520.00, though I will not go less than $500.00.
Partial suits include: Head, armsleeves, handpaws, tail, and feetpaws.

Fullsuit picture coming soon!
Plantigrade suits start at $850.00.
Digitigrade suits start at $925.00.
Fullsuits include: Head, bodysuit, handpaws, feet paws, and a detachable tail.

I will also make parts as well if that's more your swing of things.


Heads start at a loose $350.00, though I will not go less than $300.00.
They feature a buckethead style base with toony follow-me eyes(this can be changed or altered to other styles), hard teeth, fleece lined ears and mouth, and a fleece tongue.


Arms start at $45.00 and I can add the handpaws for a total of $75.00.


Handpaws start at $40.00 and are crafted to comfortably fit the wearer's hand.


Tails are a bit trickier:
Small(8 inches or less): $30.00
Medium(8-13 inches): $45.00
Large(14-21 inches): $60.00
XL (22+ inches): $65+ (depending on size of tail)


Feetpaws start at $60.00 and are built around a slip on shoe for easy, comfortable wearing.
*Can be made with low or high ankles.

If you'd like to contact me regarding any questions or requests or critiques I'd be glad to talk to you! My contacts are listed below:


or you can e-mail me at:


I look forward to hearing from you!
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So I just had some sudden, unexpected expenses pop up and so for the next month I'm going to half the prices of everything(Except halfsuit commissions, those are 25% cheaper) New base prices are:

Halfsuit: $390
Head: $175
Arms: $22.50 (or 37.50 with paws)
Handpaws: $17.50
Feetpaws: 30.00
Tails: (sm)$15.00 , (md) $22.50 , (lg) $30.00 , (xl) $32.50+​


The token panda
Can you do pandas? I'd like to do a partial suit (head, hands, feet, etc.) For my world of warcraft character cosplay
Woah! Definitely thought I updated this already! Wow my bad!

Anyway, the sale is over to all prices are back to normal. But!! I do have some new progress pics to share with y'all!

Once I get to a computer that is. <:3c


Are you up for custom suits? Such as a hybrid or crazy colors? Looking for two partials!
Do you have a site to look at pictures of your things or just on here.?
Unfortunately due to current finances this is the only location I have a collection of my work since I'm still fairly new. The only other locations I would have anything would be the FA, DA and Instagram links at the bottom of the post.


OK no worries just that I'd ask and don't worry your not the only one like that.i want to go to Pittsburgh in a few months but no suite and no money to even get a two day pass.


Ty much fortune to you too.i won't need a hotel was going to stay at a friend's house for the week and which is only 30min away from the con. But even if I can get the tickets I hope no fuzzies will get mad for showing up with no fur. No pun intended lol.
I’m trying to get a fursuit, but wondering if you could do rabbits? Also if so I am wanting a full digitigrade suit, when do you think you can do that?