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Being A Furry

Being a furry:
Step one: Being a furry
Step two: null

You don't have to do anything. Nothing is required, nothing is expected, not a fursona, fursuit or furcon.


If you are looking for a highly structured social group with hard set rules to follow that are retardly arbitrary become a hipster. The only requirement to being a furry is to claim you are a furry we don't have posers, we aren't cool enough to have posers. You can like a lot of aspects of the furry fandom and even contribute to them (i.e. you draw pretty pictures of animal people) without being a furry. No one cares. You don't need a fursona (though many furries have one), you don't need to draw artwork, you don't need to write stories, you don't need to Role Play as a furry, you don't need to participate in any sort of social event be it online or in real life. All you need to do is to claim you are a furry.


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I consider myself a furry because I like dragons. I created a fursona just because it sounded like something fun to do, not because everyone else has one.

As for everything else that's stereotypically "furry," I dabble in some things and have nothing to do with others. I've been to some fur cons I enjoyed greatly and others I didn't. I admire those with the time, resources and courage to go fursuiting when it's 115 here in Phoenix, but I wouldn't be caught dead in a fur suit (regardless of temperature.) I think some dragons are sexy (especially the robotic variety) but don't care for furry porn. I'm 100% heterosexual, and not at all into yiff. (Don't get me wrong; sex is awesome, but casual sex with ppl you barely know? Ick!)

Some might say I'm not a furry because I'm not into X, Y or Z, but they don't define who or what I am. If I say I'm a furry, then I'm a furry. Anyone who disagrees with me can shove go insert something large and painful into their anal cavity.


There's not really anything you have to do. We like animals and anthros, maybe some other stuff too, but otherwise we're kinda normal. The main thing that dragged me to furry, other than finding that some of the art is awesome, is that I've always been a fan of animals/anthros in books and cartoons. I will guaranteed care more about an animal story than an equivalent human story (even if it's animals that might as well be human). I think the typical start is to create something furry-related (draw, write, fursuit, whatever). Considering I can't draw people and I started out with anthro dragons and birds, I was pretty much destined for furry.

A fursona's fairly common, just something that can represent you for when those situations come up. You don't have to have one (if you prefer just being as yourself, or to be perceived as a person). And there's nothing saying you have to have someone who "is" you or some alternate version of you. It just makes it easier since we're so fast to associate an avatar or prominently-displayed character with someone as if it was them. Could be an existing character you like, could be someone specifically created to represent you and you only. My fursona has changed a few times, first it was a sunner from Riven, then changed to a wolf and fox and rabbit. Wasn't until Oct 2007 (over 6 years since I was known to be a furry) that I decided on my current squirrel fursona of Folgy. Then it took another three years before I was really sure of it.


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Being a furry is simple. Just get one unit of yourself and one unit of your favorite animal or animal you'd like to be, and ask will it blend. The result is yourself as a furry.


Create an account and do stuff with it.

That second bit is a toughie for me.

Well, first you need to come out to your parents and all of your friends about being a furry. You must also make sure it's a long drawn out process, preferably make a forum thread here asking about it. Next you have to wear a tail and ears all the time and make animal noises in public settings.

More later.

Hey, welcome back! I haven't seen you post in ages! I really missed the unencumbered sarcasm of your posts passed off as seriousness. Your user title is as appropriate as ever. :3


This is gonna be interesting since we already have an Alue...

OMG i am so confused I thought this was Aleu who used to be aleu the wolf with a name change until I sa w post count. whew I was scared

Me too, but it was more of a disappointment thing for me, heh.

For a brief moment when i saw the OP name in the thread list, i was thinking, WTH Aleu? I'm glad it wasn't Aleu.

I sense much mindfuckery I can do :3c
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You don't really have to do anything. I don't even draw anymore, and I very rarely make furry-related clothes. I just laze around all day on the computer, eat, sleep, etc. Still a furry I guess.
I used to think I was a cat when I was a kid. Grew up a bit thinking that, eventually realized I wasn't *shock!*, but still always have that little bit of cat inside my soul.


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Did you complete the aptitude test, OP? We have to make sure you actually like to fuck in fursuit before we can consider you a furry.