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Being an otter means...

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King of Otters
Hey everyone!

Fair or not, people will hold stereotypes based on the species of one's chosen avatar. Among the better known stereotypes are that wolves are dommy, foxes are slutty, and horses are size queens. What comes to mind when you see an otter? Dommy? Subby? Outgoing? Reserved? What otter stereotypes are out there?

I put a similar journal on my FA a few months ago and got some really nifty opinions, but those were mostly from other otters. I'm really curious to see what others think, especially non-otters. Thanks for your time!


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Otters are degenerative market based creations that will soon be snuffed out by the superiority of agricultural-socialism.


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All I can think of is furries circlejerking about their otter sonas every time they're given even a passing mention.


i guess otters are supposed to be playful an fun or something, besides the absolute cuteness of course /)^3^(\


Pro-death amateur drawer
Dunno, I dont think animals have personalities, if you choose an animal is just because its besutiful. Foxies are beautiful, thats why my sona is a foxie, I dont care about real foxes, they can get extint for me.


The Arcane Sage
Otters are playful, fun and delicious!


Parking Lot Enthusiast
Otters are all commie bastards and must be eradicated.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Ohoho~ How Hewge will love this thread. (Actually it kinda reminds me of that ancient "So foxes are sluts?" thread.)

It seems a lot of people see them as Aqua Skanks. Although you see them even more as surfers or fisherman of some kind.


Sluts. Apparently there's more otter porn than anything else or something according to one furry survey that I think I read sometime.


Sluts. Apparently there's more otter porn than anything else or something according to one furry survey that I think I read sometime.

even more than foxes and tentaclmacrohyperinflation? o.o

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I honestly dont care what people think of otters, they are absolutely adorable. And by adorable I mean sexy. And by sexy I mean cute. And by cute I mean hot. And by hot I mea ok I'll stop now.


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Pretty sure it means they got a stiffy watching an otter documentary on the Animal Planet. Also they're sluts, shit, etc.


阴茎 :V
From the point of view of a kamikagayaki wolf, I think otter fursonas are very cute and mostly good personalities. Slutty yes, but aren't almost all races?
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