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Being single


Blue Frog
Single here~! I've always been recluse and self-centered, to the point that it feels kinda uncomfy when others get attached to me. Which doesn't mean I don't like some nice, casual physical contact, once in a while, and when I haven't eaten too much poisonous bugs so it doesn't hurt you ;p

While I'm not into romance, I've had my experiences. My longest relationship lasted 4 years. Personally, I found it to be very productive for a while, but then again our notes wouldn't harmonize anymore and there was plenty of weight in the different ways we were going. Twas an amicable end, and still a successful relationship from my perspective, since I carry good memories, got to know lots of interesting music and gaming apps, and learned things about myself (and tax returns) from it.

When I chose my sona species, the fact that blue poison frogs are solitary and territorial was one of many things to keep in mind.


Darius Nack
For me being single is like having a pin stabbed into your shoulder waiting to see how many would go in after that the next one. It feels like a waiting game for me because none of my relationships last long because of the fact that I used to be scared of going into relationship with people that I have things in common with but when it comes to people trying to buy me so that they get what they want while I don't get shit what they want to give me. I have been through the craziest relationships and A lot of suicidal relationships, to the point where I am in relationships that can easily make someone become broken. I have made my mistakes to get myself into a situation where I'm single because it's hard to jump into a good relationship and not take it serious after the fact that you've been in horrible relationships for far too long. Now I am just waiting for the opportunity to be in a good relationship again but this time I am hoping that the monster girl of my dreams it turns out to be the one.


Professional meme inspector
Single as well. But I used to date a lot when I was younger. I just got out of a recent relationship after taking a 3 year hiatus from dating.

I'm a loner by nature so it really doesn't bother me and you learn to enjoy your own company. A relationship should be something that enhances your life rather then filling a hole.

But I'm waiting till I get more stable which could take a couple years. But I'd rather wait then jump in and fuck it up due to instability.
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Just some loser
Eh, I've never been in a relationship so I can't say for sure how it compares to being single. most people around me fell in love and fell away from me, so I kinda despised it for a while. But as of now I get kinda lonely and wanna be held sometimes, but the feeling fades if I wait long enough. Though I kind of long for those things, I've never experienced any intimacy. It seems most people at this point are either in a relationship, or have some dumb backstory. I'm sure in time these things will happen, who can say anything for sure?


Well-Known Member
I'm single but I live too far out in the country to really find anyone. Especially since I don't have a drivers license or car yet so it's kinda difficult to even meet friends out here let alone a boyfriend. So until I move more into town I gotta be a single pringle


dem leggies
I'm having a hard time meeting people that could be interested because of my semi mobile minimalist thing I've got going on. There's a narrow margin of people that are smart and responsible and are also interested in full time travel.
And I could also stand to be less of an introvert, it's true~


Fundamentalist Heretic
I'm single as well and I was never interested in romantic relationships. The highest achievable thing for me, when it comes to relationships, is friendship.
There's nothing wrong with a good friendship. :)

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Checked on a YouTube comment and it's at 6.3k likes. That's all the love I need...

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I'm not single anymore but I was for a while and now I realize being single has lots of benefits and perks.

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Gonna die alone. :}



Darius Nack
My persona have a better chance of getting someone than me even though I believe that I have options out there for me but it just seems like every single person I meet has more than one defect. part of me is happy to be single and not in those relationships that just lead to me feeling inadequate or as if I have to put on an act just so she is happy. Trust me when I say that list shift like that are not worth keeping but right now I am happy that I'm trying to get my life back in order and I'm also happy that I have my goals in mind that I believe I can reach as long as I continue on this trail. There's nothing wrong with being single as I wish that I had a companion to have on this journey but I feel deep down in my heart that she is out there somewhere.

Canis Dirus

Extinct Pleistocene canid
It baffles me how often I read things along the lines of "Since I'm single I can devote time to my hobbies, which I couldn't in a relationship", or just generally "I need to sacrifice x if I weren't single". What kinda weird relationships are some of you having where you need to stop doing things you loved doing? Either do it with your partner or, well, don't and do it for yourself.
The end of such relationships is a bit predictable. And it's well described in Gromov's “Шаг влево, шаг вправо”:
Три-четыре часа сна перед наблюдениями. И после наблюдений те же три-четыре часа сна, если только с утра не надо ехать на службу. Иначе — меньше. Так примерно каждый третий день, вернее, ночь. В течение тридцати лет. Две трети ночей в году не пригодны для наблюдений по причине непогоды, неспокойствия атмосферы, светлого фона неба в период летнего солнцестояния или просто потому, что дела не отпускают на дачу. А случается, примчишься, поверив прогнозу о безоблачности, и зря. Такой режим сна-бодрствования не нравится организму. И редко какой жене он понравится. Федор Федорович был разведен, жена ушла от него давным-давно, поставив перед выбором: или я, или твой вонючий телескоп, понятно?
Возможно, Федор Федорович, в те годы еще молодой и любивший жену, по глупости сделал бы неправильный выбор, не употреби жена обидный эпитет «вонючий» по отношению к честному и неплохо себя зарекомендовавшему инструменту. Жена ушла, как ее и не было. Ушла и забылась.


I was in a 6 year relationship that just ended. I was happy with someone, but now it's almost a relief that I can focus on myself and my goals rather than splitting that focus on someone else.


Active Member
Single foxo here. I had my first quasi-relationship last year. It didn't really go anywhere and I'm still not sure what it was ^_^ But it was kinda nice to have that new experience.

I've come to accept that finding a significant other is just tough. I think there are way more single people out there than we're led to believe. Sadly, it seems like the highest-probability way of finding someone is through dating apps. I don't like them (does anyone?), but it just seems to be how people meet each other nowadays. I've learned to expect nothing from them, since 99.9% of interactions go nowhere. That way, when you do a get a bite, it's a pleasant surprise.

So yeah, I'm still trying to meet a nice guy, but I've come to accept that it's tough, and that people are fickle, and that I have no control over when it happens. Accepting those things helps me feel a lot more at peace about it.


mane diva
I'm single but don't mind it after all. I have been a lone wolf all my life, doing my on thing. And since I'm quite excentric there aren't much people who are compatible to me anyway.