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Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet


Fennec of Doom
Hey guys!
I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas!

On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day!
I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride tomorrow, so our official "Meet'n'Greet" will be taking place during that time, and likely end around 7pm.
I welcome anyone to stop on by, get some photos taken, have a chat, discuss future meets, etc.

I know that our Community is very small in size compared to the bigger Cities, but I am very confident on making this work!
So if any of you are interested in becoming involved (doesn't have to be for tomorrow), then send me a message, or add me on Facebook (social media links on website)!
All Community updates will be posted in our Group, on our Page, and on our Website + Social Media (Twitter, Instagram).
I'll also post them here too, just in case some more Belleville + Surrounding Area Furs decide to join from here!

**I'll be likely around the Kids area(painting faces, etc) - and throughout the Park doing my duties.
So just look for someone wearing a Volunteer Shirt, a Black Fox Tail, and a Nikon Camera Bag!
A live video will be updated too, via my Facebook and the Page - so that'll also give you all a clue on where I am located!**