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(Base/YCH) Selling: belly ych for sale! ($30 USD)

Is this YCH worthy of purchase?

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#1 forum dweller, fear me if you see me.
www.furaffinity.net: $30 big belly ych! read desc. by Skittlesthedoge

this is furaffinity exclusive only!!
each of these will cost $30.00 USD since it takes a considerable amount of time to complete these, and i'm only going to take it through paypal!

i'll willingly add a background or make it transparent, that's completely fine.

+ i will not do nsfw versions
+ i can do minor changes/add a few little details.
- drastic changes will cost more! i'll let you know about how much it costs if needed.
+ i prefer doing canines the most!

leave a comment on the submission if you'd like to purchase one and i'll give you a form through notes!
READ MY TOS BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE!! skittlesthehusky.carrd.co: Info!