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Beltaine dance music suggestions


Fun loving kitty cat
Hya, Beltaine is almost upon us, and this kitty's hoping to be celebrating with some nice rump shaking! <smiles radiantly while brushing his tail>

So, like last year, here's an open request for any and all good ravey-dance music to add to the collection! Really into arabic-techno and the like lately if that helps.

Thanks in advance, and Blessed Beltaine if I don't see you (or are too cross-eyed to type! <giggle>)


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
arabic-techno and the like
Just look up more tracks by Ion Vader and you're good!

And in general, Nitzhonot/Nitzhogoa are the search terms to use.

Additionally Rydhm Dee has long mixes which I like, considering that our taste here seems similar this may be something to try.

Baron Tredegar

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Might be a bit late but perhaps next year some music by Gilead, Corvus Corax, or Arany Zolta might go good.


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Ahh sorry I missed this! I would've suggested any one of the versions of the Ballad of John Barleycorn, but I'm particularly fond of the one by Heather Alexander.