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The Last of Us.
Anyone else got this?
My first early access game and its fun as fuck, basically you can make whatever kind of siege engine you want to blow up whichever target, its hella fun.



Looks goofy as shit. I mean. Like Lego building destruction. Will check out. Making those wack contraptions looks fun!


6150 rpm and spinning.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
It's very nice, makes you feel like you are making your own lego doom machines in the sandbox to wreck some shit. I'd put it in the "Good Early Access" game list along with Kerbl (now no longer as such), Space Engineers (again no longer as such) and Minecraft in it's infDev Days.

They are few and far between, but it's gold.


I recently picked this up as well. Entertaining for a bit, but a little frustrating for someone like me who isn't familiar with all the parts and what they do. Luckily some nice people made some guides already so I kinda got the hang of it.


New Member
I enjoy it quite a lot. The builder is confusing some times, but other than that it's quite amazing what can be built. Whenever I stream this people keep linking the weirdest creations and we try to recreate them. As parts of the game are unlocked, presumably one level at a time, I expect more complicated scenarios will call for increasingly complex solutions.