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Best book series that you have read that is not very well known


High King of Furgasta
This is one very intense novel about two feral foxes and the modern day world they must try and survive in. Sadly, this book is out of print and pricey as hell online if you want a hardcover copy.


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Some other great books are The Sight and Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies.
Both of these stories are of the same universe, but during different times, I recommend reading Fire Bringer first because it takes place first. Both stories are kind of centered around a legend of a being who can see with a sixth sense and has the power to speak to all beings. Fire Bringer is about a Red Deer who gains this power. The second story, The Sight, is about a pack of wolves, specifically a brother and sister who gain a very similar ability.

Second this. Firebringer and The Sight were both fantastic. It's a shame that Fell, his sequel to The Sight didn't quite have the same magic that the previous books did.

Its not that obscure, but The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix is one I find a lot of people haven't heard of.

Yes! Some really well written books.

As far as my picks, I would say the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey is my top favorite. A concubine in an alternate history France who gets involved in high society and war and all sorts of fun stuff. Oh and there's lots of BDSM sex.

Then there's the Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik. Another alternate history, this one taking place during the Napoleonic wars, but with the addition of dragons!


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Spider Robinson's Callahan's Cross-time Saloon series is a great read. I know it was pretty popular with sci-fi fans when it came out but It's been awhile since they were published. It would be sad to see them fade into obscurity. Another great series is Tad Williams 'Memory, Sorrow & Thorn' series. Some folks might remember Tad as the author of Tailchaser's Song which was a pretty popular book with furry folk back when the fandom was first getting started.


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I always like to promote Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner Series (7 books, starts with Luck in the Shadows) and Tamir Triad (3 books, starts with The Bone Doll's Twin). Both are very well-written fantasy tales, set in the same world but at different times. Memorable characters, imaginative settings and captivating plots. Good mix of humour, adventure and elements of horror from time to time. Sounds like a commercial, but that's how I feel about them.

I'd also like to recommend Jordan L Hawk's Whyborne and Griffin series (8 books still ongoing, starts with Widdershins). These books are set in the US, late 19th and early 20th century, and include both fantasy and horror elements, as well as the strife of a gay couple living in an age when homosexuality is illegal. Word of warning though; all books include scenes of gay sex, quite explicit.

Kurrundo the light fox

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I recommend "The otherworld series" and "The Indigo court" books so good if you go with otherworld you have stories involving three fae sisters. The oldest is a witch who is beautiful and powerful, the middle child is a former accrobat turned vampire who owns a private investigation agency, and the youngest is a golden tabby/ panther shifter who also happens to be a Valkyrie.
And with the Indigo court books you have a lost owl shifter princess with a air elemental guardian who is having to deal with a war in her hometown. Both series are really good and if you like fantasy these are the books for you. Yasmine Galenorn really outdid herself.

Aaron Whitepaw

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I like the Sanctuary series by Robert J Crane. the series has murder, violence, politics, betrayals, romance, backstabbing, battles, etc. still waiting for the last book to come out


BattleTech. The book series started in 1987. Got into in '88. I bought everyone that came out. A lot of them are hard to find now because they're out of print. But all the different writers put on a helluva show, and I cried when it all came to an end. Yeah, I'm sappy.


Dune is a popular series, but I've not come across many people who've actually read it. It's a really amazing Sci-fi series, if you're into that.

Another book, one that I read during Elementary school I believe, was Island of the Blue Dolphins. It's about a Native American girl who was stranded. It's a children's novel, and not actually a series, but that was a book that always stuck with me. Unfortunately, I'm never able to find others who have also read it, and I don't own a copy of it myself. Yet.
Omg! I read that! Her tribe was washed away by a tsunami, and she was the only survivor. Her and a wolf(wasn't it a wolf?). And they caught a squid(or was it an octopus?). Great novel. And I own all the Dune books, even the last few. Love that story. Nothing like a drug addicted galaxy!!

Aaron Whitepaw

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Omg! I read that! Her tribe was washed away by a tsunami, and she was the only survivor. Her and a wolf(wasn't it a wolf?). And they caught a squid(or was it an octopus?). Great novel. And I own all the Dune books, even the last few. Love that story. Nothing like a drug addicted galaxy!!
lel :)


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That's a tie between the Pendragon series and the Dragons of Requiem. (multiple trilogies make it up, each at a different part in the timeline therefore making the order they (the trilogies) are read in largely inconsequential)


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For anyone who likes a good romance series written in a classy way without too much detail, I suggest checking out Nora Roberts. She is a great author with a crap ton of books out there. Many are trilogies, but she has many single books too. She writes heavily on the metaphysical side of things and many of her characters are shapeshifters. Alot are murder romance too.

First one I ever read is called Carolina Moon, about a woman who has been a medium since she was a child & was severely punished for it. Her best friend is murdered when they are 8 yrs old & she saw it in her mind, but she couldn't see the killer of course. Family moves away & she returns as an adult to face the demons of her past. Falls in love w/ her bestie's brother, against his family's wishes. Helps solve the murder, but NR is fantastic at twisting the story right at the very end. Keeps you hanging on. Her current series has a lycan that shifts for 3 nights every month.

She also writes under the pen, JD Robb, for the In Death series. There's like 30+ already & she releases like 2 more each year. It's about a NYC homicide detective who falls in love with a gazillionaire and they solve all these crazy murders. There's friendship, love, sex, romance, alot of laughs. And it's all set about 50 years in the future. So think The Jetsons (if you are old enough to remember them) meets CSI (not to mention a sore subject). It's really worth the read if yure into that kinda thing.


Animorphs is kind of obscure these days. I'll go with that.

It's an amazing series. So dark and a great deconstruction of everything sci-fi. As I was reading them a few years ago I got bored of the same plots getting repeated, but the series as a whole is excellent. Sad, funny, exciting, epic.
Maaaaan, Animorphs. Loved that series.


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Definitely the Last Dogs for me. It's an adolescents-targetted book series about a dog who tries to find the humans after they disappear, alongside two others. The premise sounds childish but it tends to get very dark, involving some dogs being driven to insanity by hunger, the fact that wolves are constantly trying to kill them. Yikes, a cat was even brutally killed when it tried to defend the main character o.o

Actually, I haven't read past book one yet but I've been trying to get my hands on the other ones; it's just really good!


Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
Helix War
Marseguro, a backwater water world where humans and selkies - humans genetically engineered for aquatic adaptation - live side by side in peace, has its 70-year long seclusion shattered by an invasion sent by the very tyrannical regime they fled from on Earth. Though peace-loving, the inhabitants had been left with the legacy of their creator's work, including a weapon so terrible that doubts arise as to who is the greater threat to whom.

Helix War is a 2-novel omnibus written by Edward Willett.


probably the jack reacher franchise by tom clancy you might know him from the movies
hunt for red october, sum of all fears,patriot games etc etc

Jack Dakuyo

The Plague dogs, was pretty.....boring....and long....and......kinda messed up. lol


The John Dies At The End series by David Wong.

There are the books currently in the series: John Dies At The End, This Book is Full of Spiders-Seriously Don't Touch It, and What The Hell Did I Just Read.

They follow a fictional version of David and his friend John, two assholes who get themselves mixed up in the strange and horrifying supernatural conspiracies happening in their hometown of Undisclosed. It's like a really good B-horror movie but in print. David is a writer for cracked.com and he brings that humor to otherwise gruesome stories.

Well worth a read, in my opinion.


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The Coachman Rat

Found it in a used bookstore years ago but it is an amazingly good read.

Cinderella has her ball, but what of the the animals that were made to facilitate it for her? The story follows one of the rats that was turned into a human for the night to be Cinderella's coachman. Following the night he is left with human intelligence but remains a rat. He is no longer able to fit in among his own kind and has to make his way in the world. This book is dark. No happily ever after is this story.


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Ohhhh read a ton of books trying to think of what would be good here.

Really, think I'd suggest something by Diana Wynne Jones. She writes fantasy stories. One thing I love is there's always a sense of whimsy to her stories. A lot of them are set in fairy tale inspired worlds. Not too many people I've met are familiar with her work, so I'll touch on two series she wrote.

One of them, many people might be familiar with the anime adaption Howl's Moving Castle. Book follows the same characters but is a bit different in how some characters are portrayed. Howl for example isn't a pacifist who's afraid to go to war. The second book actually establishes he's flat out willing to use overwhelming magical force to just win wars. This is considered a flaw for him. In general, Howl is just kind of terrible in the series. There are three books in the series total, and Howl and Sophie never really stop arguing throughout the entire series even after getting married and having a kid. Some people note they're just happier that way, and constantly arguing with each other helps keeps their minds sharp. Anyway, first book was Howl's Moving Castle, second is Castle in the Air, and the final is House of Many Ways. It's a fun read for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story, especially one not afraid to play with tropes.

One of her other series I'd touch on is the Chronicles of Chrestomanci. This one is rather interesting, as it takes place in a multiverse. The Chrestomancer is a 9 Lived Enchanter who is responsible for maintaining magical order throughout the realms. The books vary based on how involved he is in the plot. Some books revolve around the current Chrestomancer completely while others take place in the 9 worlds, usually with him showing up at the end. The first book in the series is Charmed Life, and introduces one or our main characters Cat. He's the main character in two of the books, and I always found his stories the most fun and not just because of feline preference. Actually every character who winds up being a Chrestomancer or has the potential to wind up as a Chrestomancer tends to have a cat motif. Part of the nine lives thing. Anyway, the series has some hit and misses. Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Witch Week and The Pinhoe Egg are probably my favorites out the series. I do know, I usually see the first two books Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant bundled together into one book these days, so can get two books for the price of one to get started on the series if you're interested.