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Best concert you've ever been to?


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I'd just go with Metallica headlining the Sonisphere because I frikkin' love them to death. When they got on stage and started playing Hit the Lights it was magic. Then when they played Fade to Black it was also magic. Then when they played their whole setlist it was magic.
It's been 1 month and I still can't believe I was there, 20 meters away from the stage.


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John Cooper is the lead singer and one of the original band members. It started as only 3 guys. The other 2 guys moved on eventually. Then John's wife joined, I believe when they made the cd Invincible.


And I meant industrial not like Rammstein, Skillet used to have a lot of synths and such in their music. I miss it. Their new stuff is still good. But From Savior on back is their really good stuff.

The cds I would recommend are Alien Youth and Invincible, Then Savior and Comatose.
When I put my two Rammstein CD's onto iTunes, it said their genre was "industrial" so I figured thats' what ya meant. Not always the biggest fan of synths in music, but like I said, I'll give em a listen to sometime in the future.

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Just went to an Amon Amarth concert and joined a mosh pit with people 2 feet taller than me. It was so damn fun.

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john denver's ghost plays concerts in my room every night...

john fucking denver plays the best show on earth.


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Probably the best concert I've been to was Lady Gaga's the Monster Ball. It was like 1/3rd concert, 1/3rd rock musical, 1/3rd motivational speaking session. You really come out of it feeling good about yourself.
They played some of that on HBO not that long ago. I watched it for about fifteen minutes before needing to change the channel. It felt like she was venting and using that stage as her own form of public therapy. Dunno how you could spend the price for a ticket for that, but I suppose it's the same as people going to a carnival and looking at the lady with a beard or the dude with a skin condition so he looks all scaley. Same thing, IMO


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An Cafe in Sweden, Stockholm 2009. Their latest world tour. (and maybe last) I both shaked their hands and got their autographs, and even made Kanon, the bassist, laugh by accident XD Oh I miss them so much... It was much fun during the actual concert too. Almost caught Miku's,the singer's, water bottle.


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Went to a concert on Friday, and while it wasn't the best, it was still loads of fun. Saw Bobaflex as the main attraction, and they were fantastic, and then Geared Under as the opening band. Apparently they are some local affair. I ended up scoring one of their CDs though. They were handing em out and I got shoved into the throng of bodies. Got close enough to grab one. It's not terrible, but it's nothing spectacular either. Good background music I suppose...

Concert was a blast though, and I got drunk as hell to boot. WINNAR IS ME


I haven't been to many concerts, but my favorite was the U2 concert I went to in July. I am not a huge fan of U2 but the concert was done extremely well!


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Phil Lesh & Friends at the Ryman (the original 'Grand Ol' Opry'), and The Deads very last concert at The Rectum. Both shows were very magical.


Coldplay concert in Calgary. 2009... i think it was june-ish? The papers called it a 5 star performance.


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It WOULD have been Pg 99/Circle Takes the Square/Thou but the fucking hurricane had to hit that weekend and I couldn't make it. Ahhhhhhh I hate everything.

Best is too vague I think. At least for me. Most pure fun and energy would be either seeing Titus Andronicus with a crowd that knew every lyric/the band members themselves or seeing Math the Band for $5 crammed in a tiny storage building. For the experience, My Bloody Valentine or The Flaming Lips.

I really want to see Tom Waits live.
I've been to 2...
my first was Flowbots in Chicago, it was a free concert too
the second (much more epic) was Roger Waters presents the wall. the entire wall album with the full stage show. (if you dont know who this is or the album, Pink Floyd... look it up)


Sonata Arctica. Favorite band. Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA. Also the only concert I've ever gone to. Went with my boyfriend, so 'tis memorable :3


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Amon Amarth. SO FUCKING METAL :V. I got pushed in the mosh pit with people 2-3 feet taller than me, but I managed to escape.

Also some drunk guy got crowd-surfed to the front as a "sacrifice" to Thor.


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While I did enjoy Nightwish's Dark Passion Play World tour, I would have to say that maybe my favourite was Five Iron Frenzy on the SkaMania tour.
I would like to say Muse, but every concert I go to they are not headlining. . . so it sucks.

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Haven't been to a whole lot but I would have to say a Aerosmith Concert.
Would of loved to gone to the U2 one that happened a couple months ago.


Rob Zombie. Sandstone Ampitheater, Kansas City- July 16th 2011. Dear god. That was the best show ever.

Even though it was really hot. But a really nice couple sat next to us, and the husband gave me a bottled water.

I'm seeing Blink182 and My Chemical Romance with my dad on the 9th. I absolutely cannot wait.


Tie between Paul Simon this year and Yes in 2002 (Full Circle Tour)


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OZZFEST with Rob Zombie, ANVIL, and several Metallica concerts. Masterpieces is all I've got to say.

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While I did enjoy Nightwish's Dark Passion Play World tour, I would have to say that maybe my favourite was Five Iron Frenzy on the SkaMania tour.
I would like to say Muse, but every concert I go to they are not headlining. . . so it sucks.
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