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Best concert you've ever been to?


Rude Camera
A local punk/ska show at this little hole in the wall called the "Reggae Bar". There was no stage and room for about 15 people, we had over 50.

The lead singer of a band called Molotov Compromise decked me in the face and broke one of my teeth. A friend cut his back on a Bob Marley picture that he fell into and broke.
And another friend was pushed into a door, so hard that you could still see the keyhole imprinted on his back.

Best show ever.

Other mentionable shows would have to be, Streetlight Manifesto, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Leftover Crack/Trash Talk.


Son of a WHORE!
I still need to get tickets for John Mellencamp. :/ If I'm still here, that is.