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Best pick up lines


Woof? Woof
I have 99 problems, and your beauty is one. Lets solve it by going out on a date.


Insanity can be such a beautiful thing.
Turns to the tipsy guy still talking to me after I told him 5 times that I'm not interested.
"Why are you still talking to me? I said that I'm not interested, and I have a boyfriend."

"Cause I'm a sucker for a red head with an innocent face."


Mr. Red Flag
Someone told me once
"What are the two SEXIEST animals in the barnyard?
"the fuck is this'
"Brown chicken, brown couuwwwww" (Like bow-chicka-bow-wow)


[redacted by staff]
The worst / best (it worked more than once so it can't have been that bad I suppose) I've witnessed was back the college days. A friend had a spinning rim necklace, that actually spun, and would walk up to girls in the club, spin it and say "hey baby wanna go for a spin" Was groan worthy for damn sure, but it worked for him /shrug lol

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
"Hey hot stuff, you a plane? Because I want you to collide with my tower."

It's not mine, I just heard it back in 7th grade like, 6 years ago.