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best species?


A Simply Stoned Bunny Babe
There are foxes in SA!


vaporeon... *spills* ... wait espeon now
character would have to violently assert eevee is the best choice and destroy all other thought

(rl me is fond on water creatures, and possibly not saying a fan character is the best thing to choose)


A Simply Stoned Bunny Babe


New Member
I imagined many species until I ended up in a raccoon and a wolf, at the end I ended up having 2, I have to ask for a commission one day to be able to see them

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Cats, Dogs, Foxes and Wolves.

The top 4 common species Terry have encountered so far, and it seems never to be beaten by any other species >p<

Welp, among the four, however.... Wolves are overwhelming more on Asian furs, and foxes on any other regions. Cats and dogs? Nice try...

If you somehow end up discovering yourself among more cats or dogs than wolves or foxes, consider that area conquered by cats or dogs!

Besides, some legends say that it's too late if you get surrounded by too much foxes...

Ignore this if your priority ain't population XD


Best for what exactly? Best for companionship? Best stealth hunter? Best flyer?


Eternally Confused Feline
Dolphin, dragon, and Wolf.
Andrewsarchus Mongoliensis ticks two of those boxes


vaporeon... *spills* ... wait espeon now