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Best turn of events in video games



What are the best turning points in video games? This can include betrayals, change of enemy, main character death, etc.
I'll start:
In the 3ds game Miitopia, you're chasing the Dark Lord through the story. I defeated the dark lord... but then my character's friend, the great sage, was claimed by the dark cure... so I had to chase The Darker Lord. *laughs* comical, one is darker than the other.
I don't consider it the best since I don't really know many to begin with. But I like the reveal of the *real* antagonist in Dragon Quest 11. Spend 60 hours setting up Mordegon to the point where even wins and basically does plunge the world into darkness...and its not even him the world needs to worry about.


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The only one I can think of for now is from The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. It's the entirety of Placebo Case 6, Yuki. I can't spoil it much, but the tone is dramatically different from the rest of the game, and one of the main characters whose fate was left ambiguous in the original release survives here.


Final Fantasy 6 has a smol handful, part of why it's my fav game of all time. So many good stories wrapped into one game.
- One is a sort of change of enemy.
The main bad guy is killed by the side bad guy and said side bad guy becomes the main bad guy you fight at the end.
- Another is a former enemy becoming and ally, though you hadn't met her as an enemy, and by the point that you do meet her she's basically quit the bad side anyways.
- The last is a key character going nuts briefly.
She gets taken over by her esper (aka monster) side and flies away and does shit. You have to find her and when you do you get her back after stuff and things, but upon first play-through it was pretty intense because you had no idea what was going on.


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The infamous one in KOTOR. It had been spoiled to me years before I played but I was still floored by how well it was done.


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Or any Professor Layton games, where the plot twists are so outrageously nonsense that you kind of can't help but be drawn in.

Case in point, Professor Layton and the Lost Future, where it turns out
The "time machine" is actually a giant elevator, and the main antagonist built an entire "future London" deep underground. This is only the start of the ridiculousness.