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Best video game music?


Well, now that I think about it, System shock 2 also has some AWESOME music [video=youtube;kvrdtlyUXPg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvrdtlyUXPg[/video]

Ok, Now I have to include Fallout 3s OST also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGmHaMRAXuI


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Probably posted already (I mean, it's Castlevania, it's probably been posted ten times), but I'm totally digging this.


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Probably posted already (I mean, it's Castlevania, it's probably been posted ten times), but I'm totally digging this.



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Really liking the battle theme for the new tales game, Zestiria.


Mine would shifty boo mansion from super mario 3d world.KK crusin from animal crossing and the staff roll legend of zelda skyward sword




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I'm into Indie game's soundtrack, and this is probably the current one I like.

The Last Federation: Main Theme

Youtube one is lower quality, so listen from above is better.

Ending song also quite good.
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A song from a game that almost nobody has heard about.
This song is amazing.
That unearthly time signature.
Those guitars.
Even the part that starts at around 2:30 that sounds like incredibly demonic and twisted music you'd hear in an elevator.

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Oh Tropico 3. What other game sound track makes you want to rule with an iron fist while lying back on a nice beach with an umbrella drink? A Mai Tai?



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Anyone who knows me knows I'm a MASSIVE Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series fan. While the series has always had eclectic music choices (Persona focuses on JPOP; SMT main titles on drum & beat), it's actually the music from SMT: Digital Devil Saga Part 1 & Part 2 which I have always found to be the strongest in the series.

Below is one of my favorite tracks from DDS: Part 1. It includes shredded metal guitars and orchestral overtones. This is actually the track for the final boss of the Part 1. It's wonderful, in my humble opinion.


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I absolutely adore the Xenoblade Chronicles sound track.
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Here is the Ratchet & Clank one



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I like to listen to video game ost while drawing on stream (normally I'm in for obsessively going for just one song or audiobooks but I have a hunch my stream company wouldn't appreciate XD) Best I've heard by now is theOST for Nier, Transistor, Giana Sisters, Elysian Tail and Guacamelee...

Let me find a few of each for your delight :>

NieR http://youtu.be/TsBX6FWJcNk
Transistor http://youtu.be/f9O2Rjn1azc
Giana Sisters http://youtu.be/M9zuxmwwGs0
Dust - an elysian tail http://youtu.be/Tp46r5HsS7U (I adore this game, played it to the end and again <3)
Guacamelee http://youtu.be/pHlUqO1GUSU

I have more osts in my library, but the ones for these games got my heart. ^^ Do give them a chance :3


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I imported the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 soundtracks and listening to The Thirteenth Reflection is so relaxing and so much fun.

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I liked a bunch in Sonic 2 and a couple in Sonic 3. Late to the thread, but screw it, its late and I'm so, effing, booooreedd. Well there's 10 seconds of boredom erased.

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