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Best video game music?


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I could say any song from the Danganronpa Series, but two songs from the latest installment, Danganronpa V3, stick out to me.
New World Order V3: A song conveying a light where there's only dark. Helps that it's really good, too.
Hope Searching: A rock cover of another theme in the game, Despair Searching. It just makes me feel really pumped up!


Bayonetta - Red & Black

Bayonetta - Battle For The Umbra Throne

Devil May Cry 3 - Cerberus battle theme

Devil May Cry 4 - Sworn Though Swords (BERIAL IS SO HOT:p)

Devil May Cry 4 - Power Of Destroyer

Devil May Cry 2 - Sacred Tears

www.youtube.com: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack - Sacred Tears

Devil May Cry 2 - A Prayer For Goddes

www.youtube.com: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack - A Prayer For Goddes [Lucia Battle 2]

Devil May Cry 2 - Uncanny Noise

www.youtube.com: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack - Uncanny Noise [Noctpteran - Trismagia Battle]

Devil May Cry 2 - Epilogue

www.youtube.com: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack - Epilogue

Devil May Cry - Mundus Battle Theme

www.youtube.com: Devil May Cry - Mundus battle theme


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Love, love, LOVE listening to the Child of Light soundtrack when I need something relaxing to play in the background:

Right off the top of my head, I'm very fond of the soundtracks to all three of the Witcher games (along with the two additional OSTs for Witcher 3's DLC) and Jeremy Soule's soundtracks to TES III: Morrowind, IV: Oblivion, and definitely V: Skyrim. I absolutely love Solar Fields & Lisa Miskovsky's two soundtracks (the Score and the single for 'Still Alive') for the first Mirror's Edge, although I have yet to play the game.

Half Life 2's soundtrack is definitely a guilty pleasure for me, and the Orange Box (Valve set) Soundtrack is always fun to put in when I'm not sick of Team Fortress 2. :)



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I got this friend who's suuuper into nier automata but sadly I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet; however, she's always telling me how good the sound tracks are and I must say I don't think I've found one that I haven't thought was amazing yet! I especially like all of their 8-bit sound tracks because I just love anything techno/8-bit

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I mean, there's the usual greats:
* Undertale
* Kingdom Hearts (makes me cry even)
* The first 9 Final Fantasy games
* World of Warcraft
* Pokémon
* Sonic 1-& Knuckles

But one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time has to be that for The Lost World: Jurassic Park for PS1 in 1997.

It was epic, it had expertly crafted leitmotifs for each playable character that bled into other characters' levels when appropriate.

It was one of, if not THE, first video games in history to use a fully orchestral score with an actual full orchestra.

And it was written by Micheal Giaccino. Yes, that one who went on to score a bunch of great Pixar movies, the Star Trek reboot, and came full circle to score Jurassic World.

That's the main T. rex theme. I suggest looking up the whole thing.

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I'm so sad that game is not popular, all people are busy to play Android Games...
This is the best Pacific War strategy ever done on Android.
Same thing with

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Between my love for classical music, and Final Fantasy X being my favorite videogame...Had to throw it in.


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Do I even have to mention the atmosphere that is being set by the first Dark Souls? The scale just always seems right and having the end of the journey and the last boss being accompanied by a somber sad Piano piece is a stroke of genius.

However there are 2 other chiptune soundtracks I absolutely adore:
1. Jets'n Guns Gold - A rather obscure title, also music from Machinae Supremacy who completely sell you on the carnage and destructive arcady fun this game is. An absolutely undeservedly forgotten Game and for a long time my favorite Soundtrack.

2. Hotline Miami - the first thing that came up for me when I searched Hotline Miami on Youtube was Soundtrack and is it really a wonder? M.O.O.N. provided great work and is now deservedly on Spotify playlists, which is surreal to think about when considering his "small fame" came from making music for an Indiegame with no name and a publisher who hasn't been to established in the public conscious at this point. And damn, I love cooking to the tracklist.

Honestly, I could gush about video game soundtracks for days. I am a music Nerd and love Videogames <3