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Best video game music?


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I've got two of my favorites.

First, The Main Title Theme from Mass Effect:

It just makes you feel small, and like your problems are just one of many that everyone goes through. Like your problems have been dealt with before by others and that you aren't alone. It always gives me the feeling that other people are experiencing what I'm feeling. Good or Bad, I'm never alone.

Now this is the only song in a game that has actually made me want to rush to the boss and smack him in the face.

First time I heard it, I nearly did before realizing my party had ZERO as far as supplies.


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Always liked the Battlefield theme. But there's something about the 2142 Version I think makes it the most epic version. This game is also a major reason I hate EA. Not the game itself, but because EA made the game completely unplayable when they shut down the servers, even in single player. Luckily a few good hackers found a way around the lockout to revive it.



Don't know if this has been posted but Metro Exodus A race agaisnt fate.

Just don't read the comments if you don't want any spoilers.


Your Reality- DDLC
Contains Spoilers (Probably, I don’t even remember what I didn’t know before the game)
It’s not relaxing, but all the songs from DDLC are awesome, and also the fan songs are amazing.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
A true classic, and still funny to this day



This song is amazing and from the video game The Caligula Effect Overdose.


Nostalgia hittin' me like a sack of bricks. Here's a few more I like.

(Tsunami bomb is <3)

The second 9* song I passed in Dance Dance Revolution. It's one of the hardest songs, but I love it to bits.

This game (Final Fantasy 6) was advertised as having a half hour long ending. This was unheard of back in my day. Even though the story hasn't aged particularly well, I love it to bits.

www.youtube.com: DuckTales Music (NES) - The Moon Theme I learned how to play this on the piano. I was such a nerd as a kid. (Still am now)

www.youtube.com: Mega Man 2 OST: Dr. Wily Stage 1 Mega Man 2 Wily stage 1. This has been used all over the place. It stuck with me like glue. I thought it was such a badass tune.

www.youtube.com: Awe Of She (Dizzy's Theme) Japanese Vocal Although Bridget was my favorite character from this game, Dizzy's music was just so fantastic I couldn't help but love it.


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The entire soundtrack of chrono trigger .
And Dancing mad, kefkas theme from FF6.

honestly Kefka is one of the best villains ever. He won, he had his time in the sun, and he went out in a bang as a great boss fight.

here's a cover of his awesome theme.

Also I am beyond the pale shouldn't be drinking anymore drunk right now so I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense


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This has always been the most memorable music for me, from Shadow of the beast on commadore 64!

Though My favourite of all time is probably 'Ozar Midrashim' by information society, used in 'Soul Reaver' games!