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Best video game music?


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Relaxing, bold... adrenaline boosting...

Ok. Try this as background on spotify. Makes me angry in Destiny. Then it's good to laugh off my anger.


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Marty O'Donnell on the Halo series is Goat.

The music used in Guild Wars 2 is great too, as is the music in Journey


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*cough cough*

Pokemon Gen 5

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Anything in the Medal of Honor Frontline game, actual live orchestrated music that fits the darkness of the Second World War, it has some "oh shit the Nazis are all over me" feel.

A alternative is any music from the original Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction game. It's haunting and heroic at sometimes and even one track says "hurry your ass and destroy all that NK artillery before thousands die in Seoul!"

PS2 era kicked ass in general with good music.

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The Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided soundtracks by Michael McCann would probably tie with the No Man's Sky soundtrack performed by 65daysofstatic. I always have them on my iPod.


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Too lazy to check if someone else has added this, but Far Cry 5 had a pretty good soundtrack. With some variety too.

This is the combat music, so pretty action-y:

Of course, some country music:

They got some original choir music:

These few are "post-rock", I think? It's slow, calming.


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Killing Floor 2 has a pretty solid soundtrack list and with Christmas around the corner, I think this track in particular is quite fitting for the occasion.



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The entire spyro: Year of the dragon soundtrack