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Best video game music?


I love the Overcooked games, but the music was never all that memorable... it just sort of got the job done. Until I played their last DLC, Carnival of Chaos. The game is 1000x more fun to play with the right music.



The secret track in Pokemon (starting in gen 5, and I think that version is the best) that only plays at the real-life Pokemon World Championships.


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My favorite boss music:


Karate Bugman
Sonic Riders has one of the best soundtracks in my opinion. This track in particular being my fav!

Honorable mention comes from The Simpsons H&R. Very underrated game... Also very nostalgic for me.


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I'm a fan of Ace Combat, I've played Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, and after finishing the campaing with "Hard" difficulty, then replaying it with "Ace" difficulty, as well as destroying all the aces, I'm with confidence say that this is one of the best Ace Combat games, in my opinion of course. Gameplay is classic as usual, and thanks to devs that they didn't add that "Dogfight Mode" that's in Assault Horizon, as well as the events take place in Strangereal.
The music is on the level as usual too. Some missions reminded me of H.A.W.X, seemed like a coincidence to me. Sadly, multiplayer sucks, and that's why I did not bought the game, even though it was on a good sale, I just downloaded it from Internet, that way I get to play singleplayer, without multiplayer, it's nothing.
Here's the list of my favourite soundtracks, it's long, but that's normal for such game:
(Good soundtrack for a multiplayer hangar, but the multiplayer itself is bad - ironic.)
That's it. This game made me think of playing previous games in the series. I've played AC Zero, AC 3 Electrosphere and AC Assault Horizon.
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(Chasing IRBMs... Gives flashbacks from AC Zero.)

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(Kinda sounded like "The Liberation of Gracemeria".)

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Well, I had to post those in separate replies, so you can play it here, you're welcome.