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Best video game music?


Karate Bugman
Sonic Riders has one of the best soundtracks in my opinion. This track in particular being my fav!

Honorable mention comes from The Simpsons H&R. Very underrated game... Also very nostalgic for me.


Wulf the Jackal

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I'm a fan of Ace Combat, I've played Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, and after finishing the campaing with "Hard" difficulty, then replaying it with "Ace" difficulty, as well as destroying all the aces, I'm with confidence say that this is one of the best Ace Combat games, in my opinion of course. Gameplay is classic as usual, and thanks to devs that they didn't add that "Dogfight Mode" that's in Assault Horizon, as well as the events take place in Strangereal.
The music is on the level as usual too. Some missions reminded me of H.A.W.X, seemed like a coincidence to me. Sadly, multiplayer sucks, and that's why I did not bought the game, even though it was on a good sale, I just downloaded it from Internet, that way I get to play singleplayer, without multiplayer, it's nothing.
Here's the list of my favourite soundtracks, it's long, but that's normal for such game:
(Good soundtrack for a multiplayer hangar, but the multiplayer itself is bad - ironic.)
That's it. This game made me think of playing previous games in the series. I've played AC Zero, AC 3 Electrosphere and AC Assault Horizon.
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The Face Shrine music from Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening:

The Switch version remix sounds fantastic!

I have some weird personal history with this track, and I haven't thought about this in years. Replaying Link's Awakening today brought them back to the surface.

So I played this game when it first came out in 1993. Now I was pretty young, and Zelda games could still stump me a lot with their puzzles. This was before I had any kind of Internet access, and all I had to help me was an issue of Nintendo Power that stopped after the 3rd dungeon! I really was on my own. Dungeons 4 and 5 I was able to muddle through, but dungeon 6 just stumped me. It seemed to violate all known laws of Zelda: there was a chest you opened by throwing a pot at it, switch blocks you could jump on TOP of, giant elephant statues you could nevertheless pick up, and a seemingly endless "hallway" of rooms. To a kid who had only played games like Tetris, Mario, etc. this blew my mind.

A month or two went by of me failing to figure out that dungeon. FInally I read something in a later Nintendo Power that said something about pushing select while moving from room to room. I tried it, and found it could actually warp me across the room! I didn't know it at the time, but this was a glitch... actually a bug that got patched in later versions of the cartridge. But I thought this was actually the intended way to solve the dungeon! I mean, it didn't seem any stranger to me than the other puzzles.

The only problem was... the warp glitch would sometimes spit me out into a completely different room. Sometimes these rooms would have crazy features like blocks floating in midair, door that led into walls, or other nonsensical stuff. Again, I know now what those rooms were: glitched out versions of real rooms. But at the time it seemed completely reasonable to me that this crazy dungeon would just get crazier and crazier. However, it still took me a long time and lots of resets to get to the end. I really felt like I was in Link's shoes, getting sucked deeper and deeper into this nightmarish dungeon where nothing made sense. How appropriate that this dungeon happens right after you find out the truth about the island in the game. And... that... creepy... music... it still gives me chills. It also doesn't help that the boss is a bug-eyed alien face that pops in and out of thin air, and tosses possessed pots around the room.

It sounds quaint in retrospect, but you have to remember that I was a kid and this was 1993. Fourth-wall-breaking to freak out the player probably wasn't a thing yet, and even if it was I certainly didn't know about it. And yet this 2D black-and-white game, by the accident of a programming error, managed to get inside my head like no other game has since. As I got older I played many horror games, yet somehow freaking Link's Awakening is the only game that has ever given me literal nightmares. Fitting... but still surprising.


Many relaxing pieces, though a bit melancholic, can be found in the Castlevania series. Beyond the masterpiece that is Symphony of the Night, other games have excellent soundtracks, especially Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness.

Symphony of the Night - Lost Painting
Symphony of the Night - Dance of Pales
Portrait of Ruin - Name Entry
Lament of Innocence - Garden Forgotten by Time
Lament of Innocence - Fog-enshrouded Nightscape
Lament of Innocence - Dark Palace of Waterfalls https://youtu.be/M_qVPYUftlY?list=PLFjuFokngRvja_lOLegRtcLyaZEkF2CcS
Curse of Darkness - Baljhet Mountains https://youtu.be/Gm9KIo8O-YM?list=PLhHcMbVmbwCdK5kWCn-zzwnp_PBtLGyFK
Curse of Darkness - Mortvia Fountain https://youtu.be/WVrI-siohiQ?list=PLhHcMbVmbwCdK5kWCn-zzwnp_PBtLGyFK

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This one was not exciting or fast paced, but it perfectly set the theme for dangerous wasteland on an alien planet.


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I'd like to give a brief honorable mention to the first The Sims game, as every now and then I still get whiplash from this track: