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Best website for art trades and requests?


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What, in your opinion, is the best platform/website for someone who wants to do art trades or give/take requests that also has a lot of traffic and activity? I'm all about the "Draw the poster above you thread" in this forum but it seems to be very slow at times. I'm not on Twitter but if peeps say a place like that is good, I'll check it out. Gimme some feedback, thanks!


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Here is actually pretty good for that kind of thing. On discord though I have found a nice amount of art groups in which allow advertising and self promotion.
This discord directory on DA gives a nice list of art severs you might be interested in. And I just joined twitter myself and I find it pretty good for spreading your word. The key is using multiple different platforms for the best results. Because the better at networking you are the better you'll get seen by others.

Hope this helps!