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[BETA] No Back or Next Buttons When Viewing Art In Gallery??

Do people want a more clear cut way of previewing newer/older images, more like classic FA?

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So I recently changed to the BETA version of FA and I can't believe it's not being advertised on the front page to let people know it's even there and to try it out. Because it's pretty damn amazing. It just feels so much more modern and is just overall a more visually pleasing set up. And yet it still retains the same general layout of the classic site.

All save for one very important feature that i think needs to be brought back unless there are already plans to do so.

The buttons to go to a newer or older image when viewing art in a users gallery is for some reason missing from the BETA version of FA and I'm not sure why.

Yes there is a side bar that says "more from 'user' " , and on first glance they just look like random images pulled from the artists gallery in no particular order since they are stacked together and have no text, when in fact they are technically 'next' and 'back' buttons and show the 3 newer and 3 older images from the image that is currently being viewed. But this is super unclear and honestly took me while to figure out. Clarifying this would be really helpful. In the classic version of the site this is written out below the image and is obvious and easy to understand.

I would suggest at least putting a space or gap between the 'newer' and 'older' preview thumbnails and would label each "newer" and "older" because right now it is super unclear.

please please please bring back this feature.



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This area is going to be revisited in a future Beta update, so fret not! It's definitely on my list.