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Better favourites functionality

I think it might be good to improve favourites as:
1. There is no way to search through your favourites - someone may have a lot of favourites, for example: 678. If a person wanted to go through their own favourites to find something they specific, they have to search through every single page just to find it which is annoying if they have 10+ pages. The search function could work similarly to the site search feature.

2. The thumbnail, title and creator of a submission should be shown if a submission is deleted - its annoying to see a submission that was deleted, and people are left wondering what that submission could have been. Maybe it should still have a notice that it was deleted, and clicking on it tells you it was deleted.

3. Group favourite notifications - instead of getting a notification every time you get a favourite, instead they could be grouped together, somewhat like deviantart. For example, instead of:
Person A has favourited submission A
Person B has favourited submission A
Person B has favourited submission B
Person C has favourited submission D

Submission A - 5 favourites
Submission B - 7 favourites
Submission C - 4 favourites

4: Favourites folders - this refers back to what I mentioned in 1, if a user has a lot of favourites it is hard to go through every single one to find a specific type of submission. For example a person has favourited a lot of pokemon and animal stuff, it will be quite hard for them, or anyone else to view only the pokemon or animal art.