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(Other) Selling: BIG DISCOUNT DAY! (35$ - 45$)


furry artist since 2017

Well, actually it's only the name and discounts will be valid for 3 days, like a real big fair!

"What am I supposed to do?" - you ask? Have fun!

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I reduced the prices for all my auctions (which were previously estimated at $ 60!) and adopts! I also started of pencil portet raffle, so you can leave pleasant memories about this event (the chances of winning a real many - 3 days and three winners!). In the future, I would like to make BDD a tradition in my profile and give it a fair atmosphere of bustle, pleasant shopping and gifts.
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Especially for your convenience, I have compiled a journal of all discounted products and events that you can find on this Big Discount Day!
★ Check it out! >>> www.furaffinity.net: BIG DISCOUNT DAY!! -- GabyHamster's Journal

Or just look in my gallery and see for yourself. Look for images with a Golden ticket!
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