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'Big Four' Tour


\m/ Rock on \m/

A tour of the big four thrash bands of the eighties. You must live under a rock if you don't know who they are.

As for the tour itself, I guess it would be interesting but I doubt I'd go. The only band I'd end up seeing is Megadeth. I don't really care for Metallica, haven't heard anything from Anthrax to have an opinion, and can't say too much about Slayer. I have God Hates Us All. It's all right, but nothing special.

God knows how much tickets are going to cost.


Has World-Cup fever.
I wonder is this what James was talking about when he ended the gig here in Dublin.

''Metallica fucking loves you, and we'll be back here with something real big, real soon''

god i hope so.
id pay, no matter what, if its true!


Oh my god.....if this happens it'll be amazing. What will fucking SUCK is that tickets will sell out extremely quickly because LOL METALLICA are playing.

Honestly, I would want Metallica out of that tour, just because it'll sell out so quickly otherwise and because they lost their edge 20 years ago.
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Endless Humiliation

They would be smart to sell tickets just for a single band as well as the package deal but I have a feeling there's just going to be like one long 5 hour show with Metallica playing for 2.

but you know whatever

slayer's always touring


If they make a stop in Wisconsin, I think I have decided on my first concert. I haven't listened much to any of their new stuff, but they each have done awesome stuff in the past.


I Just Say F.U.N.
Megadeth is decent, as is Slayer.
I don't know much about Anthrax, but Metallica... no.