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Big Sale, Icon, sketches, flat color, line art $10 and up


SALE- Note me to claim! Please have an email address for the HQ files and payment via paypal. Any species, gender, etc. Private commissions or anon buyers are more than welcome to purchase. Please send your refs if they are available-refs not required.

Most of my Gallery is NSFW however I happily do SFW art.
Artwork Gallery for theodrekr -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Flat Color Sale:
1 Character= $25
2nd character= +15

Sketch, Colored= $15 per character
BW Sketch= $12 per character

Lineart = $10 per character [greyed in, specify file preference]

Icons full shade = $20 ea or 5 for 80
Icons Flat Color = $10 ea. or 5 for $45