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Big Stallion/Zebra looking for a longterm literate roleplay

Howdy, the name’s (Name), one of Santa’s retired Reindeer. Ain’t that sumthin... Anywho, I ain’t actually a reindeer, fooled ya... but I did actually fly Santa’s sleigh, trust me.

Santa’s operation was a massive Fleet of helicopters and planes that were called reindeer to keep up with Christmas traditions. I am the leading pilot under Mr. Clause, and leading into this next century the entire world embraces the Cultural phenomenon that is Santa’s North Pole and South Pole headquarters.

What does this have to do with me blowing your back out to kingdom come?... well, the holiday season is a stressful time. Christmas decorations stay up year round, and the date gets more and more anticipated as Santa’s “magic” (technology and gift giving capabilities) improves and flourishes.

My jet somehow gets caught in the Christmas blizzard of the century, ejecting me into a seemingly abandoned backyard before being swept away into oblivion.

I have no gifts for you when you find me, but that doesn’t stop us from warming up and braving the storm . Your wish list just got a little bit longer.

Telegram- @bigboiwill
Kik- Bullyboy97
Discord- The muffin man#2162